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    Elder charm of good fortune, loot question.

    So I have a question about the loot system for the charms good fortune.

    When I press need on the Elder charm after a boss, does the item have to drop from the boss aswell, if I should have a chance to get it? I mean like..

    If the CLOTH waist from Stone guards DOES NOT DROP from the boss at all. Do i still have a chance to get it?

    I noticed today during the raid, that people only got stuff that actully dropped from the boss only. (Atleast the random yells i heard on teamspeak "AMG EPIC")

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    When you use your Elder Charm, it rerolls the loot. If a leather piece and a str trinket drop, and you use your Charm, you can get any piece for your class. The bosses current dropped loot does not matter.

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    You reroll yes, but you can get 26gold...
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    You only roll for anything that is on the given boss' loot table - if the boss does not drop cloth at all, and you are a clothie and use the charm - well you can't even hope to get loot

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    As others have said, only the loot that regularly drops from the boss can be rerolled. If you win, you'll get an item appropriate for your class, but not necessarily your spec. You have roughly 30 seconds to decide if you want to do the roll, so if you're in a master looter run and the master looter is dead, rez them fast. You get up to 3 Elder Charms a week and can stack up to 10 on your currency tab.

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