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    Is Glyph of Uplift terrible?

    My Monk is only level 70, but healing has been stupidly easy (and fun) because of Renewing Mists + Uplift. I currently have Uplift glyphed so that it costs Mana instead of Chi. However, I remember people saying how awful the glyph was because it drained your mana. I'm just not seeing that at this stage in Monk healing. What happens later in the game that causes Glyph of Uplift to go from being nearly OP to being a huge drain on your mana?

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    Pretty much, yes.

    Edit: Let me explain. Monks have some mana-efficiency problems, not alot but enough to not want to waste another 6% that could be free.

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    Mana before Cataclysm is trivial. Once you hit like 83 you will actually care about mana spirit, because your base mana starts scaling faster than your spirit/base regen.

    Glyph of Uplift will probably have a place in later tiers when we have much more spirit and mana matters less or in fights where there's some massive mana regen mechanic and lots of AoE damage.

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    I used Glyph of Uplift on Gara'jal the Spiritbinder in Mogu'shan Vaults because you get all your mana back during that fight when going into the spirit realm. It meant I could burst heal people faster without having to worry about generating Chi beforehand.

    In general though it is a pretty horrible glyph at level 90 and probably won't have much use until late tiers where mana becomes less of an issue due to increased spirit on gear. It may have small uses for fights where you don't need to worry about mana, like Gara'jal.

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    At this tier of raiding mana is kind of scarce for healers, once we get into tier 16 (or maybe 15) I can see this glyph becoming much stronger.

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    I agree with Glurp, I changed it for spiritbinder and it really helped as long as I went in at every chance to the spirit world. The second we killed it I removed it, overall a glyph I would not use for this tier of raiding.
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