So basically guys, bought a Mionix NAOS 3200 from amazon, it came on Friday, it worked perfectly fine on friday.

I return on Monday and it's not working, only the LED lights inside are, nesessery software is installed already.

Only person to use the PC during that time is my Sister, who claimed the mouse was slow, so she just plugged in the wireless dongle and used the wireless one instead, with the NAOS still plugged in.

Today I came in, turned my pc on and Moved the mouse, it was fine, I hoovered my room, 10 mins later the mouse is unresponsive but the LED lights are glowing, tried it on my parents PC and the same thing, no movement, just LED lights.

Does anyone have any experience / solutions?

Ive emailed the Mionix support team, but hopefully you guys can help me solve this faster.

I initially thought it was a loose wire, but if the mouse is lighting up, it's recieving power but not moving.

Thanks in advance