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    Does anyone know the procc rate on the mop herbs to get the pigment that you can get the starlight ink?
    Since i know in Cataclysm cinderbloom was one of the lowest ones and whiptails was one of the higher ones.
    I am just calculating which ones is the best to use for the darkmoon card things. I know it may be dependant on the price on realms if its more profitable but i got a friend who is going to herb for me hence i wanted to know this so i dont need to think of the price of the stacks. Just the % of the procc rate if anyone know.

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    ~50% for Fool's Cap and Golden Lotus
    ~25% for the rest

    Found on wowhead.

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    I milled a ton of the lower level herbs (dont remember the exact amount but thousands) and got about a .3009 proc rate, so 30% on the dot. I didn't mill as much fool's cap but at 435 of them got about a 36% proc rate. My sample was small but it only seems slightly better, not warranting the extra cost on my server.

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    Eh, whatever. In about a week you'll be able to trade up the inks, 10 Dreams for 1 Starlight. I have a feeling Blizzard shut this off before the DMF to prevent access to the cards as easily. Then again, the Scroll of Wisdom requirement pretty much already did that.

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