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    What's wrong with Tanaris? (Screeny)

    So like 20 minutes ago I used my Gadgetzan teleport and was met with an eyesore as I had to adjust my sight to this (very) bright red color.
    Anyone knows why Tanaris looks like this at the moment?

    Edit: It's not Deathwing. Like I said, I took the picture 20 minutes ago

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    it looks like Durotar in the morning or sunset
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    did it just literally change for tanaris?
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    That usually means that Deathwing is in the area. The area would turn that color when he was flying around and if you die in the fires, you get the achievement, killed by deathwing.

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    First of all, Deathwing doesn't roam zones anymore. Second of all, the weather wouldn't look like that. It looked different

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    Did you get a freaky debuff from the teleport?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreknar20 View Post
    it looks like Durotar in the morning or sunset
    This might be right - I think its possible there is bug where the zones "atmospheric" color remains with you once you move zones.

    Like if you look at Zang from hellfire you'd see Zang water as green..but once you go into zang the atmo lighting changes to deep blue and makes the water look blue as well (green+blue = waters color)

    Tho I doubt its that..shouldnt that be server side and not inside the game?

    edit. where did you teleport from and was that zone "bright red"?
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    I was in Gadgetzan about 10 minutes ago and it was perfect.. I think it's just your screen that's shitting itself.

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    is it only in tanaris?

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    I tried leaving the zone and re-entering. It might just be my realm, but my guildies sees it aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pum View Post
    I was in Gadgetzan about 10 minutes ago and it was perfect.. I think it's just your screen that's shitting itself.
    If it was his screen, we wouldn't see it on a screenshot.. Duh.

    Pretty sure characters aren't that severely affected by zone atmospheres. You probably did something.
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    Well... the conclusion that I've come to is that you dun fucked the game up... In all seriousness you should probably submit a ticket. I've never seen that before, so I've no clue of what could've caused it.

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    Obviously Al'akir was drinking some red kool-aid, and spilt it everywhere.

    On topic: I have no idea what caused that! You should definately put in a ticket, that's eye-bleedy.

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    Its a sign that the Legion is on its way!


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    Looks like Sunset to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stokkeren View Post
    Edit: It's not Deathwing. Like I said, I took the picture 20 minutes ago
    That's not to say though that some leftover routine that recolored zones when DW visited might still be accidentally proccing without DW's presence. I'd file a bug report.
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