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    Tanking = Manly, Healing = Girly?!?

    I am playing a ret paladin as my main and trying to decide my offspec, I was thinking I wanted a role that is different from dps-ing and healing seemed that, much more than tanking. I also asked in these forums who gets fastest LFR queues and was told healers.
    However, while trying to decide between both roles which I am genuinely interested in, I found a lot of people saying jokingly "chicks dig tanks" which seemed like a funny and harmless statement. However, while I searched I found wow wiki and the:
    The final sentence in the article about the the healer grabbed my attention:
    "It is possible for a healer to derive most of her XP from dungeons, as opposed to PvE"
    Assuming all healers are female!!!
    I mean one of the reasons I am inclining towards a healer is that I was mostly tanking during wrath and was only healing during cataclysm and I found out that when I was healing I was much more in control of the raid compared to tanking. To me when tanking you are standing in the face of the boss, maintaining your aggro while in healing you are standing behind, looking at the whole raid, and its easier for you to navigate things and let someone know when he/she is making a mistake. That's much like a general in irl if you ask me. Also once you know the mechanics of a fight tanking is pretty much the same imho, while healing is much more reactive (dynamic) and you must correct every mistake a dps, tank or another healer makes.
    So, imho healers jobs are as much manly compared to tanks if not even more.
    What do you guys think?

    PS: Not that I care too much about other peoples opinion, but I am social enough to still care to some extent...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Retaliator View Post
    What do you guys think?
    ...That it is a non PC typo and your need for affirmation that you are OK to play a healer based on gender stereotypes, which aren't even accurate in this game, means you have issues.

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    Stupid gender stereotypes that sadly still permeates society. Ignore it and go on with your healing.
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    I am wondering if Blizzard are going to give the Alliance the 5 mounts because the worgen have running wild, the horde have 5 new mounts , i just think they should balance it out, how say you all.
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    hows about you give half your money to africa because you have more than them, and it's not balanced
    no? didn't think so

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    Most of the time when somebody refers to somebody that can be either sex as a certain sex it is their own sex. I am most likely to refer to somebody as male than as female. It doesn't always mean that they are saying every person who does that is female.

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    Our man tank is a girl and all our healers are guys... hmmm
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    Well, honestly, most healers I've played with had female toons. So it's kind of a default for me to say "she."
    Soothing Mist:"Healing them for a minor amount every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action."
    Jade Serpent Statue: "The statue will also begin casting Soothing Mist on your target. healing for 50% as much as yours. "
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    "Statue casts Soothing Mist at a nearby ally for toddler healing."

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    i dont remind a single rpg i played where the healer was a guy... really... ( i talk about single player rpgs)

    but i remember here and there female tanks.

    so yeah its somehow based on stereotypes but i wouldnt care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bremmon View Post
    Our man tank is a girl and all our healers are guys... hmmm
    Obviously your tank must be a manly female? No?

    OT: If it said "It is possible for a healer to derive most of HIS XP from dungeons, as opposed to PvE" would you have reacted the same way but opposite? All healers are male?

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    I think that neither are "manly" or "girly". Just because one is taking all the damage for their allies and one is healing all the damage taken doesn't mean there are gender sterotypes. I, a male, am a healer main. I have never been considered girly because of it, and I know female tanks. No one thinks any differently of me or others who don't conform to these stereotypes that I know of.

    That said, I have noticed that there are more female healers than female tanks. Whether or not this is because of gender stereotypes is unclear, but the majority females I know play healers and caster DPS, and the majority of males play physical DPS or tanks. It is certainly an interesting observation, but I don't think peoples opinions are influenced by the roles you play generally.

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    I wouldn't say healing is girly in any way at all, I heal because I prefer supporting a group of allies over doing damage.

    To me its neutral, anything else is stereotyping imo.

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    although i find that statement completely ridiculous. Almost every female player I've been in a guild with was a healer (at least 20). I can think of maybe 5 that weren't (Hunter, Mage, Mage, Boomkin, Boomkin)

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    Not really, but i do think girls are often going for the support classes
    While guys like damage and tanking! not that they cant like the opposite though! I havent met much female tanks, a few.. i could count them on 1 hand

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    I tank and that's patently ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retaliator View Post
    "It is possible for a healer to derive most of her XP from dungeons, as opposed to PvE"
    Assuming all healers are female!!!
    while healing is much more reactive (dynamic)
    PS: Not that I care too much about other peoples opinion, but I am social enough to still care to some extent...
    As someone else said, if the first statement said "It is possible for a healer to derive most of HIS xp from dungeons..." would you react in the same way?
    The second statement is generally false, most healing specs are proactive, as you want to prevent damage from happening rather than heal it when it does happen, or have a hot ready to go.
    If you don't care about our opinions, why do you care if someone thinks healing is girly? It's your game, play it how you want.

    This is coming from a female IRL with many healing specs, tanking specs, ranged/physical dps specs, and melee specs. Stereotypes =/= rules.
    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    judging 25man raiding by LFR standards saying it requires no coordination, is like saying 5mans require cheese sandwiches because i like turtles.

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    Things are usually referred as female. Nothing to make a fuss about.

    You quite often see either "him or her", or just "her". Mainly because men have no reason to start complaining about equality in pretty much anything, and thus if you write just "her" it goes down much better than just writing "him".

    Also, it's wowwiki. It's written by random people. If you see a problem with that article, go rewrite it yourself. That's your prerogative.
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    my raid is all guys. guess we dont get to have healers for raids

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    I'm a guy. My main is a Holy Priest, I'm straight.

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    its kind of a stereotype, but no one actually cares.

    ive noticed casters tend to be female, just cause "dresses look better on girls".
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    Tanking is Skill, Healing is Art, DPS is Science.

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    Uuuhm, considering I'm a guy and I've been a healer since I started, I'll have to say I disagree with that statement

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