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    Our guild has 3 females who currently raid. 1 Mage, 1 Shadow Priest, 1 Holy Priest. The rest are all males mixed of dps, tanks and healers.

    I find nothing girly/manly about either role.

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    I disagree. There can be skill in healing, art in DPSing and science in tanking.

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    Just to untie the twist your knickers were in OP, I just created an account to wikia and edited the said article to state "his or her" instead of her.

    That's how wikis work. Perhaps you can do it yourself next time.
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    I play whatever I can to get faster queue times, which means healing on 4/ 5 classes. It's a wrong stereo type that has no grounds in reality.

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    If it's indeed a stereotype, then it's a stupid one (I mean, just like the rest of them).

    But I think you're worrying over nothing, since people usually write using their own gender.

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    I would say depends on what race :P In reality most Human Priests are male and most Night Elf Priests are female.

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    I'm a female NElf and I'm a male...

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    well most male wow players i know tank or dps, rarely heal. 90% of female wow players i know heal, the others dps. never known a tanking female

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spl4sh3r View Post
    I would say depends on what race :P In reality most Human Priests are male and most Night Elf Priests are female.
    Thats just because night elf males arent cool. though i do see a lot of human female priests!

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    I tank heal and dps. But im a guy....what does this mean? D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flalia4 View Post
    I tank heal and dps. But im a guy....what does this mean? D:
    That you're not only a guy, but also a girl, and... a cat?

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    Hah. I was levelling my monk today, doing dungeons as tank for faster queues, and actually got a somewhat talkative group. One of the dpsers said his girlfriend hated WoW because he played too much, to which I jokingly replied that my ex broke up with me over WoW. So of course someone had to insert the obligatory comment about women. Except my ex was a man, which I told them along with a similar silly statement about "gah, MEN!". Silence from dpsers. Healer suddenly starts agreeing with me.

    Honestly, people need to stop treating people like they act a certain way because of their sex. We're all individuals. Personally I've mained a shadow priest, bear druid, elemental shaman, holy paladin, elemental shaman again and currently holy priest simply due to the fact that all the healer trials kept failing. Being a woman doesn't really have much to do with my choice of class and spec.

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    I thought it was determined by classes, such as

    Girl = Play a Paladin and/or Play a Priest
    Guy = Anything Else

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    I do both. What does that tell you?

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    Say, "she." "WHAT, ONLY GIRLS CAN DO THAT?"

    Say, "he." "WHAT, GIRLS CAN'T DO THAT?"

    It's a lose-lose to be honest, that's why I use "they" even though it's not grammatically correct when speaking in the singular.

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    When writing things that can apply to either males or females, a person often arbitrarily chooses he or she - to avoid assuming all gamers are male, this person used the feminine pronoun. I don't think it meant ALL healers are female.

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    I think good tanks tend to be people who have more skills than brain power and good DPS the other way around.

    I believe that good healers are generally both skilled and intelligent.

    I also like to make sweeping generalisations which hold little or no weight.

    *sarcasm mode disabled*

    OT: OP is ridiculous. If you are really THAT bothered about being "manly" you first need to stop caring what other people think.
    Quote Originally Posted by Пламяскверны

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retaliator View Post
    "It is possible for a healer to derive most of her XP from dungeons, as opposed to PvE"
    Assuming all healers are female!!!
    I would just like to point out that since the time of pen and paper roleplaying games, characters that are not yet assigned a gender are referred to with the female pronoun.

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    It mean nothing at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retaliator View Post
    I am playing a ret paladin as my main and trying to decide my offspec, I was thinking I wanted a role that is different from dps-ing and healing seemed that, much more than tanking. I also asked in these forums who gets fastest LFR queues and was told healers.
    However, while trying to decide between both roles which I am genuinely interested in, I found a lot of people saying jokingly "chicks dig tanks" which seemed like a funny and harmless statement. However, while I searched I found wow wiki and the:
    The final sentence in the article about the the healer grabbed my attention:
    "It is possible for a healer to derive most of her XP from dungeons, as opposed to PvE"
    Assuming all healers are female!!!
    I mean one of the reasons I am inclining towards a healer is that I was mostly tanking during wrath and was only healing during cataclysm and I found out that when I was healing I was much more in control of the raid compared to tanking. To me when tanking you are standing in the face of the boss, maintaining your aggro while in healing you are standing behind, looking at the whole raid, and its easier for you to navigate things and let someone know when he/she is making a mistake. That's much like a general in irl if you ask me. Also once you know the mechanics of a fight tanking is pretty much the same imho, while healing is much more reactive (dynamic) and you must correct every mistake a dps, tank or another healer makes.
    So, imho healers jobs are as much manly compared to tanks if not even more.
    What do you guys think?

    PS: Not that I care too much about other peoples opinion, but I am social enough to still care to some extent...
    This is just for fun but I think tank/healer/dps are more broken up into personalities rather than sex. Tanks are more OCD and control oriented. Healers are cerebral and have a drive to feel important. DPS are selfish and single minded. That being said I don't know many women that are OCD and control oriented but there are a few and they would make good tanks.

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