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    Impressions of First 4 Bosses of Mogu'Shan Vaults as an Affliction Warlock

    The Stone Guard

    I really found this fight to be incredibly annoying on 25man. I don't mind the fight but I just don't enjoy it. Way to much movement and having to stand in meele with 10-15 other people with chains having no idea who you are actually chained too because you cannot tell was annoying as well. Multi Doting was fun though good way to pad meters but I feel it was a very lack luster fight throwing to many things into one.

    Feng the Accursed

    Took us awhile to get this guy down. Ended up 'doing it wrong' the first night and came back the 2nd night and did pretty well on him. Really nothing doing on here for warlocks besides cooldown usage after healers finish cycling CDs for the big AoE. Over all a fun fight I think.

    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder

    Now I really liked this fight. Being able to keep up DoTs and jump in and out of the spirit realm killing Adds was incredibly fun. I was too do this fight as Demonology next week just to get adds down faster then pop out and blow up the boss when I get insane DF regeneration ( I imagine this is what would happen since we usually got a large amount of adds close together.)

    The Spirit Kings
    Honestly there is not a whole lot going on for us in this one besides the two adds we need to switch too. The defile dropping add, and the arrow.
    But this is my favorite fight of the tier. There is a lot going on and more and more happens as we move further into the fight. I honestly think this is one of the best and more creative fights Blizzard has introduced in awhile.

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    If i may give an opinion on the same bosses from a 10 man PoV ( havnt done spirit kings yet tho, that comes tomorow:P ).

    Stone gaurds
    Multi-Dotting OP, lots of movement. Pretty easy tho.

    Feng the accursed
    Use Archimond Vengance on His epicenter's where the tank isnt using their Super bubble, in p2 when he has done draw flame, and in p3 if you get the debuff.
    When he casts epicenter, try to get a drain soul right before he casts it, so that you are not effected by the reduced hit chance debuff, and you can regain soul shards while the rest of your raid misses 75% of their dmg...
    Generally pretty easy.

    Both demo and afflic are great here, tho i got the kill with demo.
    Use Archimond vengance if you get the Voodoo doll.
    SB + SS are great for afflic on the adds.
    for demo just use your OP cooldowns and ggwp ( take Grimace of Service for this fight).

    Look forward to spirit kings, looks pretty faceroll'y tho will probably go demo beause of the Touch of chaos spam mobility while in meta, to avoid shit.
    Any tips for spirit kings that i might not find with a simple google search?

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    Spirit Kings is really simple. Just everyone stack and run through the boss during his shockwave (for the one who does it.) For Flanking Orders just go short side if you are stacked then if people are spread out for the other 2 then their own fault if they die.

    Obviously don't kite defile into Meele.

    During which ever phase you have Arrows and Defile Arrow > Defile.

    Only seen Phase 4 2-3 times we did not kill him going back monday to finish stuff off as a 10man. ( Had a LARGE amount of people not raid ready at 460ilvl or above so we were really bad off.) Got him close to sub 30% but wiped and it was past raid end time so we called it.

    It gets extremely hetic in phase 4 but is incredibly fun if people do everything correctly.

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    elegon is so fun as affliction. keep haunt up for all of DS, then spam any haunts you have left on boss, soulswap to add, before add explodes, drain soul, get 4 shards back, spam haunts on boss, repeat. phase 2, stay on boss, soulswap to orbs(or focus boss if ur just a helper. i usually dont have to touch orbs until the 4th one since speed increases), dot up all the pillars on ur side, drain soul ur focus pillar, should get 2-3 shards back before it goes down, corruption all adds, should be back to 4 shards, repeat phase 1 haunt spam. at the end should be averaging around 105-130k. take that demo!

    and emperor is REALLY affliction friendly as well. so many dot targets, easy time to refill soulshards. if i could suggest anything, its using the soul consumption glyphs(20% max health when killing a target with drain soul). helps healers ALOT and helps yourself when u get fixated by the rages
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