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    Enhance PVP - Need guide :/

    Hey guys, I really enjoy playing enhancement with my shamy, but I think I kinda suck in PvP, lol. I was wondering if anyone could share a guide or something similar. I searched a lot but only 'guide' I found was Noxxic's guide wich is fine but I'm looking for more... Something with tactics, actual gems/enchants, good arena comps etc. Thanks for your help guys!

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    Hi there prokeen, I make high rated pvp videos on YouTube on enhancement shams, check out my channel and you might find what you need. Link in my signature.
    Multi-Glad 2700+ enhance shaman
    Enhance shaman PvP Guide: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/11040394000

    DEAL WITH IT - Check out my Youtube

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    Alrgith thank you mate, I'll take a look for sure!

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    Hmmm, a new user asking specifically for what the user trying to promote his videos has . . . what a coincidence!

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    Lol what are you talking about...And arenas vids are good but I'm looking more for some kind of complete guide

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    i have a couple arena videos on my youtube if it helps.

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    I'll take a look thanks !

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    Honestly the best thing to do is just practice and learn the spec as you go. Your style of playing won't be exactly the same as anothers.

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    Wish a mod could come over and enlighten us to whether every unique poster here has a unique IP address

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