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    Crystal of Insanity and alchemy

    I have a question regarding this item, this dropped for me and a mate just before and i let him have it cos im an alchemist.. its basically a better version of Alchemist's Flask

    I seem to think this item is a slap in the face to alchemists, there has not been much information about the flask but from what ive read it isnt affected by mixology and anyone who has this item basically gets the stat effects of 3 professions outside of raiding unless one of your professions is an alchemist since you cant have this flask and your alchemist flask on at the same time.

    Unless im being really ignorant or just dont understand this item too well, but does this item basically slap alchemists in the face?

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    No you misunderstand something here: this is not an replacement for an alchemy flask; it's like drinking half of an actual Flask. Alchemist Flask is not a buff, it's a replacement for Mixology when it is not viable to use; for example: When you are raiding, you drink an Flask. This Flask is affected by mixology, so you get +320 stat-points to the 1000 points of the Flask extra.

    But when you doesn't raid, this is simply not viable because of the high cost of an golden lotus. So before you have nothing, you get at least like every profession your 320 stat points with the Alchemist Flask.

    This item is only worth half of an Flask, so this only affects solo-game and heroic-dungeons. For endgame you need Flasks anyway. (But yes, this item should be affected by mixology if you can create an alchemist potion.)

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    i understand, but it still does 500 stats, instead of 320 that alchemist flask does, so if u have this flask u will never have to use alchemist flask again, however if ure not an alchemist and say u were bs/jc u get the benefits of being a bs, a jc, and also alchemist because this flask does what the alchemist flask does but gives more stats

    in a raiding enviroment i understand it being crappy cos of mixology, but if u were a non alchemist and a spriest for example, u get 500 int 500 hit and 500 stam vs 1000 int

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    Crystal of Insanity also disappears on death and has a 15 minute CD to use, so in many situations (BGs, for example) it's much worse than an Alchemist flask. Also can't be used in Arena or RBG.

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    It's also a PITA to farm (for most people it seems!). Heavy competition and RNG. Took me 10 kills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iggie View Post
    It's also a PITA to farm (for most people it seems!). Heavy competition and RNG. Took me 10 kills.
    Yeah it was probably about 10-12 for me, too.

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    As stated earlier, this item is a non-issue for endgame raids where you want an actual flask.

    Also, just by reading Mixology, it should not benefit from Mixology, since no alchemist is able to make it; i'm unsure whether or not this is how it is ingame though.

    "You receive an increased effect and duration when you drink any elixir or flask you are able to make."

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