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    Best way to get gold in wow?

    Is the best way to get gold in wow to play the AH? if yes, then how should I begin?

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    Best way? Start of an expansion. Everyone will want Ore, Herbs, Gems, Enchanting Mats, etc. Since the start of MoP I've made 85K gold and that's farming for just over an hour a day. At one point gems were going for 400 - 800G a piece and selling on my server.

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    Depends on your profession.

    But generally it all comes down to:

    Find items that sells
    Check if mats are cheap
    If made, can you make a reasonable profit
    If so, buy them
    Craft them
    Post them

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    If you want substantial gold as in hundreds of thousands, there are only two ways with AH being the best.

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    JC + enchanting, and Alchemist are solid. Right now AH playing with enchanting scrolls, and gems maybe not so good. Crazy economy, but if it gets good once again you can always milk it.

    Some days you can easly earn 5k for just 30 mins, other days maybe slower. Anywho, its a over-done method on most servers, so exspect competition on buying cheap ores and undercuts.
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    Phase 1 - Do things to make gold.
    Phase 2 - ???.
    Phase 3 - Profit.

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    Best way to earn gold in Pandaria? Quest and vendor trash / unusable items. I started a new Pandaren monk, he just hit 90 yesterday, no profs, almost no dungeons (aside from Org rep to make flight cheaper), and he's sitting on 5k gold after buying his own riding and flying skills up through LK (had to log after the final push to 90).

    But there's also farming for gold. You can spend 30-45 minutes just picking herbs or mining ore so you can make a few hundred gold. Or level run dailies and actually do something fun and make more gold than farming could.
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    Making money in wow is something you have to figure out for yourself. If anyone tells you how to make money easy then everyone will go and do it and that would ruin that market. If I say, "OMG I am making a killing selling 'X' and its easy to make and I sell it for 1,000 gold each" then the next day it would be selling for 500, and the next 100, and 10 the next day.

    Tips: Don't spend money frivolously. Don't buy 40 mounts and wonder why you dont have money. Buy riding/flying skills and stuff to increase professions you can make money on. Bring in more than you spend.
    Gather with a character that can gather well, druids flight form does not deactivate while harvesting herbs, cat druids and thieves can sneak through dungeons filled with ores. Gathering your goods saves you money and any money you make is profit.
    AOE looting is a godsend. Go to a lowbie dungeon and aggro enemies all the way to the end and then aoe burn them all down and reap the whole dungeon in one click. Great with humanoid enemies that drop coin and cloth.
    Professions tend to tie into other professions, alchemy, jewelcrafting, mining and herbing tend to work well, thus alts are a good way of processing your own goods.
    Take professions that will benefit one another. Dont take leatherworking and blacksmithing and complain that you buy mats off the auction house.
    Gather your own goods and sell what you don't need.
    Sell various things, markets change all the time and you need to vary what you sell.
    Figure out the best times to sell things based on player behaviors. Stuff like gems and enchants dont sell well on weekends because people are playing more and looking to get better gear and they won't waste money on upgrading shoulders if there is a chance they could get even better shoulders a couple hours later. Players dont buy this stuff at the end of an expansion either, why waste money improving gear that will be beaten by a low level green drop in the next expansion? If there is an event coming up where a certain ilevel is required to experience it then people will buy gear that ups their ilevel.
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    I've always had a lot of gold just from doing dailies. They add up!

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    Dailies, Farming orb/herbs and skins and selling transmutes. I made 50k in the first two days just selling Ghost Iron Ore on my realm.
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    I made my fortune prostituting myself in The Drag.

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    You can also do daily quests,some of them give a lot of gold.For example: The quests in Tol Barad,making 20k each day

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