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    Certain UI Addon? Timers?

    I'm playing a fire mage and I'm looking for a addon that gives me timers for my invocation buff, trinket procs, enchant procs/ cloak procs, and lets me know how much time is left on dots on the mob i.e Ignite tick, living bomb, combustion, pyro blast dot.

    This would really make it easier but I haven't really seen an addon like it

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    raven or sbf does all that

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    power auras or weak auras

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    Pretty sure ElvUI will do everything you've asked straight out of the box with a minimum of fuss.

    I just started up my mage again and have held off on installing CombustionHelper or MageNuggets until I see the need because the tracking within the UI is quite nice!

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    Here is a link to a working version of Power Auras, since the one on the Curse Client is an old one that is old. As it says here, a new version will come out "soon", but this is the unofficial MoP ones. I use it myself, and I rather like it. It takes a little bit to figure out everything, I must admit.
    A tip, if you like to use the Blizzard spell icon, there's a button in the options to "Use own Texture"


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    tell me when.....is another option

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    I'm using PowerAuras to track when my Invocation buff is down, and also using TellMeWhen for my trinket/spellweave ICD.

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    I use Needtoknow for my trinket ICD's, my Invoker's and heating up buff tracking and Poweraura's for trinket procs, pot buffs and Pyroblast!..

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    I would highly recommend Weak Auras and ExtraCD (for trinket procs).
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