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    [H] Warped 1/6 N - recruiting for MoP

    <Warped> is a long standing community raiding on Tarren Mill. We migrated from a dying realm last expansion in the hope of finding players with the thirst and skill for progression but on a casual schedule. We completed this and managed to finish 8/8 HC DS, now we want to continue that progression into MoP. Current core members are still here but we are needing some fresh faces to bolster our line-up (listed below).

    Current progression 1/6 N - Mogu'shan Vaults (only one raid done)


    We raid Monday/Tuesday/Thursday from 20:00 - 00:00 Server Time!


    Currently Looking For:

    1 Tank - Death Knight/Monk/Prot Warrior [Priority]

    1 Ranged DPS - Warlock or Moonkin Druid)


    About us:

    - We are a Casual 10 man progression raiding guild on Tarren Mill EU.
    But don’t let that fool you, we are made up of exceptional players who have the knowledge and skill to progress, With nearly all players ranging back from vanilla and TBC to current.
    Our playerbase is made up players who have the depth of knowledge and skill to play with the best, all of whom have a mutual respect for the abilities of the rest of the guild.

    - We are an efficiency based guild.
    What this means, in a nutshell, is that we do not raid as often as other guilds. Our players have active social lives, demanding jobs and real world hobbies, as well as playing other games together as a community or individually.
    This means that when we do raid, we know strats, have everything we need, and we kill things quickly and efficiently, in less pulls than the majority of guilds. We progress through preperation, knowledge and skill, not pure time invested and gear stacking.

    - Multi National.
    We have English, Scottish, German, Belgian, Welsh, Irish and American players.
    All players and nationalities are welcome, as long as you can speak & understand English

    - Multi Roled.
    Many of our players are equally exceptional on several different classes in several different roles. This gives us flexibility in raid comp and redundancy for absences.

    - We are a community.
    A lot of our players have known each other for a very long time, we have similar mindsets, are sociable, play games outside of WoW together as well as sitting on vent to chat when we have free time.
    This community aspect fosters a lot of our discussion and is the source of our teamwork, we would ideally be looking for someone who is capable of socialising with others.

    What We Expect:

    - Ventrilo.

    You will have and use both Ventrilo and a mic. Communication is vital in any team game, Typing just doesn't cut it in the thick of it. Spoken language - English

    - Skill
    We expect that you have the competence and skill to learn fights quickly and begin executing them without repeat failure. We are looking for skilled raiders, who know their classes, we cant carry or babysit if you want decent progression in cataclysm and beyond

    - Raiders
    We are a progression guild, we are here for people who want to raid, however we like to keep a social basis! Friends and family of each member are welcome but note, it isn’t a free foothold into the raid squad. A full independent application must be made if they wish to raid.

    - Punctuality
    If you are meant to be raiding, you turn up on time. We only raid 3 times a week.

    - Preparation
    If you are applying for a place here, you should know what we mean by this. When you turn up to raid, you should have 100% durability, already be gemmed and enchanted, carrying your flasks / food / pots and anything else you need, know all the up-to-date theorycrafting of your class and mix/maxing to the best of your ability.

    To apply please head over to www [dot] warped-eu [dot] com and fill in a template in our recruitment section. We do not do direct invites but feel free to whisper a guild member if you have any questions about applying.
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    Bumping as we are still looking

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    Bumping as we are still looking, woop!

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    Still looking for a tank and range dps, apply at our website

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