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    Xfx PSU rattle - need advise, is it dangerous? new psu?

    I have recently got a few components together and got a decent gaming rig, however of course, something breaks or what not, my xfx 650 watt normal edition (which is insanely wicked) has recently started to `rattle`, it sounds quite loud, getting worse as time goes on, i tried screwing the screws tight, just to be sure none were loose, no difference.

    Is it severly dangerous, do i need to replace the PSU? if so, with what? the PSU is at maximum 3 months old, so i'm kind of annoyed.

    If i need to replace.. i was thinking corsair 650watt - http://www.ebuyer.com/257232-corsair...-cp-9020038-uk

    How does this rattling thing even start? it seems like since i had my PSU flipped facing down its happen, might just be a coincidence.


    Also when i turn my computer off, it makes a weird noise sometimes for quite some time now, it's what i'm assuming a power surge to sound like, but its constantly every time i turn it off. if i have my headset on it hurts my ears on shutdown.
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    if its a really high pitched "eeeeeeeeeeeeeee" sound, then its coil whine. although i dont think its a sign of faulty components, it is very annoying

    if its something else, then it cant be good

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    I suspect it's the fanbearing, this causes the rattle you described, and can be caused by flipping the PSU. Because the fanbearing load shifts.
    The noise you hear after turning if off, could indicate that the xfx lets the fan run for some time after shutting down. Enermax noisekillers do this also.

    You can unmount it, shortcircuit green + black on the 24pins, and plug it into the socket. It should then start. Turn it arround a bit to see if the noise changes.

    @spaceduck, it's indeed not a sign of faulty components. It's a sign of cheap components
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    If it's really bad then look into rma'ing it or getting a different brand psu would work too.

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    Sounds like the fan on the PSU is broken. If you want to test it then open up the PSU, remove the fan and start it. If no sounds then its the fan. Just make sure to quickly close down the computer as the PSU will overheat and die.

    IDK how much it costs to repair it but i dont think its much. See if you still have warranty on it.

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