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    Stretch Windowed Mode Vertically?

    I recently messed around with my video/display settings a couple of days ago just because I was bored lol. I used to be able to stretch Wow vertically in any mode (windowed is what I'd primarily use) but now it seems that isn't possible anymore. The screen can just be stretched horizontally which I'd rather not do as it seems to cut off the top of my screen a little. Basically, how the h can I stretch the screen vertically? I am using a Mac.
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    I don't know if anything is fundamentally different on a Mac, but in the config.wtf file there should be a "gxResolution" variable that you can set to define any window size you could want/your display will support.

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    And what would I set it to?

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    Well, something with a higher vertical value. If the variable is currently "1600x900" try something like "1600x1200". I don't know what your ideal window size would be; you might have to try a few different settings before it feels right.

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    Makes sense, thanks!

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