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    Need help with building a computer for a friend.

    Hi, my friend needs a new computer so need some help from you guys (we will build it).

    Budget: 4000 DKK (using komplett.dk to buy the stuff btw)

    Resolution: 1600x900

    Games / Settings Desired: wow at highest possible with the budget.

    Any other intensive software or special things you do (Frequent video encoding, 3D modeling, etc): nope.

    Country: Denmark.

    Parts that can be reused: none.

    Do you need an OS? Depends, I was thinking we could download windows 8 release preview on a USB and use that, but I dont know if thats possible? if not/or if its kinda difficult then we need a windows 7. (btw if possible with the win 8 usb thing, is a 18gb usb enough?)

    Do you need peripherals (e.g. monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc)? nope.

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    This is about the best you can do. If a copy of Windows is needed, there's just no way to get an acceptable build, you'll need to shell out more.

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    build pics

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