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    360 and ps3 online network

    So I was a 360 player till about a year and a year and a half ago when I got my ps3 and we started useing it more I had some rl friends who had a ps3 and they where talkking about how great it was and its got some cool features. I like that you can download old ps games and things like that but yesterday I hooked my 360 back up to the internet so I coulddownload some more songs for her band hero game and wow I surprised at how xbox live has changed in the past year and a half. Thewhole layout is much better. I think about eery 360 game is listed on there and if there isnt a demo there is info about the game. I think there where over 2500 indi games and arcade games as well. Why do people always complain about 360 exclusives when you have all those games? Plus all the apps they have and tv options. I thought both these systems where about the same but to me the 360's network just puts it over the top. Im not gloating about it either because I love the ps3 I just dont get the 360 hate out there. So ps3 has blue ray and who cares.

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    My 360 has most of my friends on it and the friendliest social system, but my PS3 is an excellent media centre with fewer file format foibles for playback. Even though I have to pay for Live the service feels much better and more reliable than PSN.

    Other than the above the only other difference between the consoles for me is what titles I can get at what price.

    Oh and inb4 the fanbois get here.
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    LFR justifies the creation of more raid content when millions of players are able to see content. Only a few thousand people actually saw Kel'thuzad, but millions saw Deathwing. The reason Mists of Pandaria is starting with 18 bosses and adding larger raid tiers than we have had previously is because many players are going to see the raids through LFR.
    So Hardcore elitest raiders trying to get LFR removed are in fact essentially trying to kill off their own content!

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    Thing i dont like about LIVE is everything offered on the service that you have to pay to access, Is free or open to access right upto your router in the house. You basically pay M$ $60 a year to let the Xbox access free services on your router.

    It doubles your consoles initial cost to have LIVE for 5 years which is BS too especially if you have to buy a few, which most people end up doing since its unreliable crap..

    Also now with soo many online games going console hosted, You are not even paying for servers anymore but for your OWN Xbox and connection to provide internet gaming servers for strangers online, BS.

    Ive only been on PS3 for under a year since being on Xbox 360 since launch, well 5 Xbox 360 but u kno the score. I didnt mind at time paying for LIVE but after seeing all the crap on PS3 u get without paying then LIVE seems a ripoff. Free music radio n videos 24/7 without extra charges. Internet gaming without extra charges. 6 way video calls for free. Youtube and most other video websites or other web content for free including "watch online free" stuff..

    I think PSN Home has just came out of beta or something too as it seems to have increased 5x+ in size since i was last on a couple of months ago with a load of decent huge, new mmo to play in it for free.

    LIVE feels like some restricted walled garden out to steal every penny from you and your kids while PS3 feels just like any other proper internet enabled device.

    $60 a year for LIVE just to have internet gaming, M$ messengers FREE group chat feature on M$ own console and a load of heavy restrictions on formats and content is a scam imo.
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