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    I work in retail, and whenever a customer is leaving I usually say something to the effect of "Have a great night". Literally more than 33% of the time, if their only purchase was condoms and/or lube, they respond with some variation of "You bet I will!" I see it from guys and girls.

    And I live in Texas.

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    i love it when the cashier gives me a look, mainly because i plan on it...there are a few items that i only buy at the same time.

    These items being Condoms, Chocolate Syrup, Lotion, Whip Cream, 8 lbs of Maple Bacon.

    the only time a cashiers look rubbed me the wrong way was when i bought my Ex GF the morning after pill, in which i said "plz dont give me that look i know im a dumb ass ive already been reminded 3 times today and its only 9am."
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    Only reason they do it is because they are bored stiff, and need a but of moral outrage to get them through their shift.

    i.e. Ignore it.

    If you were buying a needle and a book entitled 'Chinese home abortions' then maybe they'd have reason to give you dirty looks.

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    honestly OP, it goes both ways. i used to work at a drug store when i was in high school and there was always customers specifically trying to get you to notice or react to their condom etc purchases, i guess they thought they were some big shot trying to impress the poor little cashier with their sexcapades, or they just liked embarassing people, or maybe it turned them on, who knows. sometimes if i didnt react they would do stuff like argue about the price of the condoms or whatever it was, just to bring it to attention.
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    It's better for sales if you treat your customers nicely. As a cashier (basically a salesperson) you shouldn't care what your customers buy. Be happy they did, give them a pleasant experience while you're at it so they'll come back next time. If you're going to try and be judgemental, stop working in sales. It only backfires!..

    Obviously as a cashier you won't care to much as it's just a part-time job. But your boss, or your boss' boss will! What exactly do you get out of trying to embarassing people? Just be nice to people, they might be nice back to you, you know!

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    I'd never be ashamed of buying birth control, and I wouldn't hide it by buying other stuff as well (unless I actually need them). First time I bought condoms I was a bit nervous, but I didn't show it. It was the same thing first time I bought cigarettes (to a co-worker, mind you). It was at an apothecary, so the person behind the counter was both educated within the field, and they only sell healthcare products (edit: the condoms, not the cigarettes). I've had times when I've received funny looks buying everyday items, but it's mostly been deserved (usually when buying unusual combinations of products). Like buying 15 ketchup bottles since they were at 5kr each ( ~1/3 of the price ) or something.

    If I got a funny look today, no matter what I'm buying, I wouldn't even think twice about it. My ex actually runs a sex shop, and when she has dildos for sale I share the link to it on facebook, with a comment like "I'll be updating my profile picture tomorrow, I expect people to prepare accordingly", or something along those lines.
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    I don't go to the cashier if I can avoid it. Thank god for self-service checkouts.

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    I have worked as a cashier, and I can tell you, I never gave a second glance to anything people were buying. I don't care. I handled about 8-9k worth of stuff every day, so any item among that number and whoever bought it do not register.

    The cashier really doesn't care whether you're buying condoms or pregnancy tests or dildos, all they care about is that their sums match up at the end of the day. If you're thinking you're getting some sort of a "look" it's usually in your own head.

    I'll tell you a story. I'm a young female, and I used to work at a local super market back then. One time, a day or so before Christmas this guy comes to the register. I say hi, but he looks like the shy type and doesn't really respond. Because it's a big store, and a busy day, we have some girls from a local sports club packing people's groceries (the store sponsors them for some small amount, the kids were 15-16 yo or so). So the guy doesn't want the girl's help packing, but the girl doesn't hear him and starts packing the stuff anyway. It was normal stuff, food mostly, except for a packet of condoms he's hid under a bag of toast. So I try to slip them past the register rather discreetly, because he seems really embarrassed. No reason for that, but he was beet red and sweating. So he pays the stuff and the girl hands him the bag. He heads off, and we notice he forgot the condoms. The girl calls him back and hands them to him, and I swear, not even shoplifters run that fast to get away from the store as that guy ran from us after that.

    TL;DR: If you want to buy something you think might be embarrassing, don't make it a big deal. The cashier doesn't give a sh*t. We'll remember you best if you try to hide what you're buying or make a show of it. (And honestly, hasn't everyone bought some hygiene products from time to time, so I bet the cashier has too...)

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    Disregard it entirely.

    Hell, once I took a friend of mine to buy a pregnancy test because she was afraid to do it. "Aren't you afraid they'll think we're sleeping together?" she asked me.

    I just couldn't think of a reason I should give a shit.

    Edit: I think I should go a little further on this.

    Mate, that 35+ year old cashier lady? The others are right, she doesn't give a shit. Y'know what? 90% chance? She's fuckin' too, and sometimes she's the one who has to buy birth control a lot of the time. I guaran-goddamn-tee you she ain't bothering to save anything for a bar story for her friends... Unless you make a thing out of it and embarrass yourself by trying to obfuscate your purchase.

    Used to work retail myself. We don't care unless people act strangely. THAT is what we make fun of.

    When I was at circuit city, i never blinked at the dudes buying "Brokeback Mountain." Nothing wrong with buying a good movie. It was the dudes that got five action movies to sandwich it between that got my mockery. Same deal with any "embarassing" products. We only think it's stupid if you're trying to hide it.
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    You approached the desk already paranoid (trying to cover up your purchase with other items). It's only natural you'd take any response as negative if you are going in with that mindset.
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    Last year I bought peanut butter, lube and dog food on a dare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    Last year I bought peanut butter, lube and dog food on a dare.
    Vaseline and a cucumber works better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendulous View Post
    Ignore it, but then again I wouldn't hide the fact that I'm buying something "embarrassing" anyway, and just buy the thing.
    Stool softener.
    Stool hardener.

    unlike you guys, I try to get those looks, makes my days!

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    Me and a friend went to buy my little ponies, just because we can,we like the show, and so on. (both males age 23 ish)
    The person asked if they should gift wrap it.
    We said, no thanks, it's for us.

    The look on her face was freaking priceless. Laughed at it for days to come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glo View Post
    Pretty stupid on her part. Knowingly selling drug paraphernalia to a minor to snort coke is pretty illegal.
    I'm pretty sure refusing to sell someone a mirror, straws and razors would get a cashier fired.

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    never happened to me, or maybe I just don't pay attention and don't notice it, anyway, it's not like you're buying something illegal

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    Quote Originally Posted by glowzone View Post
    Me and a friend went to buy my little ponies, just because we can. (both males age 23 ish)
    The person asked if they should gift wrap it.
    We said, no thanks, it's for us.

    The look on her face was freaking priceless. Laughed at it for days to come.
    hilarious, i do things like that all the time when i'm with friends

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    She's probably smirking because you're not going bareback.

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    I wouldn't say anything but I would also make a look on her, so she could see how stupid she looked when she did her face... Cashiers are supposed to make a happy face when costumers approach them, yet the ones that actually make a good face or happy face are very rare.
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    You just say "i think older women are sexy. what time do you get off?"

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    If you buy supposedly "embarrassing" items like condoms, KY, etc. and the cashier starts to look at you funny, just finish your transaction, wink at the clerk, and say "I'll see you after work".

    That will TOTALLY derail any preconceived ideas they had about your transaction, and will most likely help them over the idea that buying condoms and KY is such a terrible thing, since that wink and 5 words will make them reconsider what really is good and bad. But if they wind up being scarred for life... it's not really your fault unless you ACTUALLY DO see them after work. Then prison time ensues and you deserve it.

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