So if you have been farming and doing your dailies we have all had a chance to get enough gear to run LFR or close to it. Some of us have been through all the normal bosses and some moving into Heroics. My favorite part some of us ( not me ) have great luck with Elder Charms and some do not.

So I ask you this are you currently taking advantage of PvP gear which have more sockets and provide better itemization or are you using full PvE Heroic/JP gear? Myself personally I'm in 4PC PvP Conquest shoulders and Honor pieces everywhere else then using PvE offset pieces.

Yesterday on our Heroic Feng kill I got 43 Holy Power from the 4PC PvP bonus, That roughly averages out to 15 TV's or DS's depending on the phase of the encounter. Right now I feel like the additional Holy Power and sockets in PvP gear is more beneficial than the mediocre amount of strength of 463 gear with 1 socket.