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    Resto druids lacking umph?

    This is PvE related not PvP

    In Cata, Resto druids use to do insane amounts of healing, And I am pretty sure it was because of all the haste.

    Now in MoP, On my own resto druid? I feel like that....'umph' is missing. I don't know if it's because of the health pools? Or being in blue 463 gear with one or two epics or what.

    I could have lifebloom,Rejuv,Regrowth,Swiftmend and Cenarion ward on a tank and they barely get healed. Or if someone takes a....for example...100k hit? I put Rejuv and Wild Growth on them? And it barely heals them, Is it more of a haste issue again? We just need TONS of haste? I know mastery is a bit stronger than it was in Cata as well, As well as literally ALL of our gear having crit on it for some reason...

    I feel like I am missing a stat, Does anyone else feel this way? OR is it a case of "It's just you, You bad"
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    resto druid is the most powerful healer in arena at the moment. i don't think you are "missing something".

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    Quote Originally Posted by dR-vIce View Post
    resto druid is the most powerful healer in arena at the moment. i don't think you are "missing something".
    I should have clarified this is a PvE related thread, I don't care much for PvP personally

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    What is your haste at right now? Should be 3046 for the cap i think, not 2005 any more.

    Personally I don't feel weak when it comes to healing.

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    Is this based on dungeons or raids?

    I felt weak when I was around 440-450 ilvl, after that I feel pretty relaxed in dungeons - except for when people are doing something very wrong. The same goes for raid, it's "relaxed" until something isn't done right - then my HoTs start feeling weak too. But of course that's just my experience with resto druids so far.

    It could be your gear, it could be the people you play with, it could be the amount of enemies you're fighting, it could be a debuff, it could just be your healing in general - it could be many different things, and it's not necessarily just one of them. If your HoTs feel weak, we can probably exclude my last example, but for obvious reasons I can't tell which it is. My best advice for now would be to get to the lower haste cap (3043) and then get int, int and more int, and make sure to keep your mastery buff up when healing - it really makes a difference!

    I don't know exactly how experienced you are, but my #1 rule is: pay attention to damage sources! You're not supposed to be able to heal through several packs at once with people standing in AoE and no major cooldowns with the gear we have available to us pre-raid (if anyone is, they have my respect), but you are supposed to be able to heal an ilvl 440 group (including yourself) in heroic dungeons with tiny room for errors.
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    I agree with Nelfette, 100 different factors can be making you feel the way you do. For awhile it will feel like you are spamming your heals and they aren't doing anything, but it's going to be like that for everyone.

    Between bad gear and new encounters you may just need to change the way you heal for a bit. When I was spamming heroics with my little group in the beginning we just chain pulled and ignored mechanics. Sometimes it was just unhealable, most of the time I could power through by always blowing CDs and knowing I'd be manaing up between big pulls.

    Get some good water, start drinking as soon as you're out of combat and drink till you're full/someone really needs a heal, and just push through until you have some better gear. Unless you chain pull rush on purpose, once you get better gear or you get a group of people that really understand the instance it becomes really easy.

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    I just do resto for heroics and stuff, so cant comment on that. Why their is so much crit on gear i can answer: Boomkins! They need crit now, bliz made it that way on purpose to get Boomkins back instead of haste munging moonkins. So that is why

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    I feel very comfortable on my Resto Druid. I got about 458/459 ilvl with about 3055 Haste. In heroic dungeons I already start spamming wrath because 3 stacks lifebloom or a rejuvenation on the tank or a DPS heals enough and NS + HT saves what isn't healed by that. In raids I can do a lot HPS with quite good mana management. So if not something is going very wrong by failing people I do not think druids lacking something atm.

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    I feel a similar way. My resto druid has a ilvl462 and heroics are easy to heal (unless someone is standing in stuff), but in raids I feel like I can't get my raids health or the tanks health up fast enough, and keeping a decent mana pool in order to heal through out the whole boss fight.

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    cenarion ward is weaker compared to NS with healing touch. also try using the glyph of blooming makes lb hit alot harder.

    but as for healing compared to cata you dont have to have everyone at 100% all the time or you'll blow thru your mana

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    Well, first you can start using Nature's Swiftness Over Cenarion Ward. NS + HS will be great for those tank burst damage and you need to heal it fast. CW is very weak atm. Indeed, Resto Druid are having a hard time on fights where the damage spike is high. It is recommended that your raid group should have a hpally. We are still very strong on AoE fights, and should still be topping healing meter, if not very close. Get as much spirit as possible, but maintaining the 3kish haste breakpoint.

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    I would prefer Mastery. 2 blue gems for 1 % increase healing :3

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    Glyph of Blooming is bad for PVE because of repeated casts due to loss of refresh capability.

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    I finished my first raid (25man) we killed one boss and we are going to kill the other tom i guess (at least 1-2 more) and have to say my first impressions are that (i did raid with crap gear and without 3043 haste limit just above 2004 limit --around 2400 because i could't make reforgelite to work properly and i run out of time before the raid ):
    Shamans burst healing and arsenal of spells is quite good now and i think blizz should't have give them another healing totem , paladins and priest not so much impressed i was expecting more from pallies . Ofc it was only first boss kill and attempts on second and i did 't push my mana that much since back on ds heroic i used to spam alot so trying to get used to new fix mana pool and lack of our mana regen abilities . Anyway tom we would probably have a monk healer with us and this is even more scary .

    World of logs is full of monks topping healing (perhaps blizz needs to take a look and hotfix stuff) meters esp in 25man in top 10 in all fights you can only see monks while in 10man its more balance but still monks are doing pretty well.

    So do you reckon things will improve or we 3rd or 4th best just above priests . Also i think they have remove the fun from our class in terms of healing (not overall) removing freedom to heal by using more spells all other classes have at least 5-6 spells more that do healing .

    p.s. Not mentioning dk's healing which seriously need attention . The tank was topping dps meters and was like an extra healer in first two bosses.

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    I found healing as a druid pretty powerful. Using mushrooms on very low healing phases to give a slight increase in burst on more intense phases really assists in raid healing.

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    I'm just saying, it's not fun channeling tranquility for 8 seconds, only to find out healing tide totem does double the amount of healing in a single GCD.

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    pretty happy with the way my druid was performing.

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    For Heroic progress druids are the first class to get benched if you have to cut in the healing squad. Due to mana limitations druids can't compete right now(talking 25m right now)

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    I doubt it's mana limitations. On demand healing is very low. Everything we cast takes time and we have no answer to burst followed by any meaningful miscellaneous damage (that could kill someone that's low).

    Gotta say I've got a monk coming up in the world to see how that is to play. I know they are overtuned at the moment, but the core abilities are stronger mechanically than druid. Even at proper healing levels, their ability to summon on demand healing is impressive. On a fight like Elegon at the end I blow any cds I have but it still feels weak while my resto shaman partner pulls us through with his on demand healing capability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kreeb View Post
    For Heroic progress druids are the first class to get benched if you have to cut in the healing squad. Due to mana limitations druids can't compete right now(talking 25m right now)
    It's not mana limitations, especially in 25 mans. Weak CDs and unimpressive numbers compared to other classes is a big reason we'd be sat. The amount of effort, spells, and GCDs needed to equate to other classes 1 gcd and 1 button spells isn't even close to on par. I wouldn't say it's learning curve, just unfavorable fights mixed with just generally being weak healers now compared to the other specs.

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