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    RAM for my latop...

    Okay guys, I have a question. This is my laptop... http://www.cnet.com/laptops/acer-asp...-35029976.html

    Now what I want to know is, will 1333 or 1600 DDR3 work? My current says it's DDR3 SDRAM/1066 MHz/PC3-8500/SO DIMM 204-pin.

    I know that it's the same 204-pin, but am I stuck with only PC3-8500? Thanks.

    Also what RAM would you recommend, and how does everyone feel about this SSD? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820147163

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    I would recommend you to add identical RAM. Not required, but it will give you far less headaches.
    The SSD is more than fine.

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    The one you linked is the bare version. The desktop version ($20 more) contains a mounting bracket and cables + Norton Ghost. The notebook version (also $20 more) contains what looks like a USB adapter and Norton Ghost.

    When I bought the 830 for my desktop, I needed the mounting bracket which cost me $10 to buy separately and didn't work as well as the stock one would have.

    Definitely consider opting for the notebook package if you need it.

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