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  • I feel very forced to do all of them every single day.

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  • I feel a little bit pressured to do most of them.

    263 31.42%
  • I don't feel pressured at all.

    234 27.96%
  • I don't care about dailies. I'm not going to bother with them much.

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    At first I felt like I was now I'm just doing whatever I feel like. Mostly working on Order of cloud. If I were doing all my dailies every day it would take about half or more of my play time out of a few hours of the day.

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    Dailies have always felt this way to me when there is rep or rewards of some kind involved. I've gotten most reps to max and gotten most mounts available through dailies save for a few tourny awards. I actually like this system no 25 pre day cap. I can keep playing if I want.
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    Forced? No. Do i do them? No. I haven't even unlocked golden lotus ones. I love the stories in wow and dailies do not progress the story one bit so i don't do them. Only dailies i do are fishing/cooking and farming since i like them. By the time I unlock the valor gear i will be in raid gear (*Cross fingers* if the rng god is good). Zones like Molten front and The isle i did all those dailies because the zone progressed and so did the story.
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    I more pissed about being forced to PVE to get a decent weapon for pvp. Fucking hate PVE with a passion. Especially dungeons that's filled with mentally retarded monkeys and ninjas. Just had a elemental shaman that rolled need on a 2h str mace and won. How he could roll need on that in the first place is just stupid.

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    No, I don't feel forced to do anything in WoW to be honest, dailies least of all. I do the ones I want when I want. If there's something I want, then I'll do them. The fact that I choose to pursue this or that thing though doesn't mean I feel forced to do anything. I can just as easily choose or pursue something else.

    Yes, I've quit guilds over this very thing. They don't run my life either and I don't think much of people who let the game or their guild dictate how they spend their time, especially if it's in ways they don't like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wombinator04 View Post
    I more pissed about being forced to PVE to get a decent weapon for pvp. Fucking hate PVE with a passion. Especially dungeons that's filled with mentally retarded monkeys and ninjas. Just had a elemental shaman that rolled need on a 2h str mace and won. How he could roll need on that in the first place is just stupid.
    You can blame the PVE crowd for that. Someone asked ghostcrawler about this

    Weapons are so attractive, that every PvE player would buy an Honor weapon.
    Which is so amazing look at that guys EVERYONE would do something to their advantage and feel required to do it just like oh I don't know DAILY FARMING FOR REP...

    On a slightly related note one suggestion I heard on the official forums was to make scenarios grant rep. I'm sure some of you will object but it seemed like a reasonable suggestion to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Normal should be reduced in difficulty. Heroic should be reduced in difficulty.
    And the tiny fraction for whom heroic raids are currently well tuned? Too bad,so sad! With the arterial bleed of subs the fastest it's ever been, the vanity development that gives you guys your own content is no longer supportable.

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    yeah I feel a bit of pressure.... everything is locked behind rep.
    I want some of those.... so the pressure comes from my own desires.

    personally I don't like the fact that grinding for rep is so slow. I hope I have still some use for the items I unlock.

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    if you feel forced to play a game, it is no longer a game. Relax, the content will be there for another year, and the epic gear will be replaced soon enough.
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    Sort of pressured, because I just have that feeling that I have to do them. Forced sounds more like my GM or something is forcing me.

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    I feel like I'm forced to (pressured), because I am, and yet I don't do them everyday because I can't be bothered.
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    "Forced" is a bit of a strong word.

    I want to max out my reputations.

    I want to max out my valor points.

    Ergo: I will do whatever is necessary to do that. When I finally am exalted with all those factions, I'll probably do my dailies a bit more selectively, skip the one or the other quest hub now and then. But then again, there are many achievements to be had for which the completion of dailies is relevant in various ways... Yeah, I guess I'll be "forced" to do my dailies for longer than it takes to get to exalted.

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    Let's hear from one of the last sane and damn cute people that still play WoW:

    He has "maths" too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stryder View Post
    Revered with golden lotus tomorrow, don't see why people are fussing over 2 weeks of questing.

    I don't get the griping either. I've no problem with the dailies at all and feel no pressure to do them. We're two weeks into the expansion. There's no reason why you should have been able to blow through the content and gear your toon with purples in the first week. Or would you have rather queued for 7 dungeons, collected your 1000 valor for the week, and then sat around Org/SW lamenting the fact that there's nothing to do and the rest of Azeroth is empty?

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    Not really. If you don't want the vanity items or mounts, there is nothing that you couldn't get outside of dailies (except few enchanting things, but that's about it).

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    I wouldn't mind doing dailies if I could actually do them but with so many people at it right now, it's really irritating. Especially when it comes to GL dailies. Grouping for dailies... meh

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    I don't feel forced in the slightest. I do the dailies anyway because I enjoy them, but I don't feel forced at all.

    Honestly, if you feel forced, you're one of two things:

    1. In a hardcore PvE guild that is going for realm firsts, in which case yeah, that's fair enough. You're going to be doing anything and everything to get an edge, OR
    2. Doing it wrong.

    We haven't even hit the 2 week mark, guys. There's SO much time to get all this stuff done, and honestly this gating is the ONLY way to prevent the players from rushing to complete everything then complain that there's nothing to do at level cap. Well, now you have a ton of stuff to do: go do it.

    It's a shame that the concept of 'taking your time' and doing things at your own pace has been forgotten in the WoW community. There's absolutely no need to rush, at all. If you don't want to do dailies one day? Fine! Spend the day doing pet battles instead. Or random heroics. Or PvP. Or raids. Or exploring. Or whatever you like! Take your time. There's plenty of time in this expansion to get everything done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primernova View Post
    Let's hear from one of the last sane and damn cute people that still play WoW:

    He has "maths" too!
    Yes exactly. I've been roughly doing the maths with the valor cap too and it's the reason why I'm not farming the dailies every single day anymore.

    If you hit revered with one of them every 4-5 weeks you'll be able to buy as much of the PvE gear as someone that has been doing his dailies every single day.

    The only people who might feel pressured are the ones who want to get the mounts and other vanity items as soon as possible.

    As long as you hit revered with one faction every 4-5 weeks you'll not be letting your raidteam down.

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    Nobody enjoys doing dailies. The ones claiming that are just trying to convince themselves.

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    I need to do "x" amount of quests to unlock certain rewards, I just wish I could do it as fast as possible without waiting a day :P I prefer to get things like this done asap, I am still dedicating the same amount of time as another would who just goes slow. In terms of buying gear I am restricted by the valor cap so I can't just buy all the best gear anyways. Example it requires 10 hrs of dailies to hit exalted, well I would rather just sit and grind as much as I can and get it done in 2-3 days than slowly do 30 minutes a day everyday for 20 days. That is just me though!!!!!

    As of now, I feel a bit pressured since we are trying to clear content asap. Most are fun, especially doing golden lotus with 5 guildies We burn through them so fast.

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    I do golden lotus, klaxxi and tillers on my main and just do golden lotus and tillers on my alts.

    Done with lorewalkers and cloud serpents on my main, I need to do cloud serpents on my jc, but can't bring myself to.

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