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    Should Blizzard add to Pet Battles by doing this?

    Like, maybe off the Final Boss or some random boss in one of the new Raids in the next few Content Patches, add an Epic or even Legendary Pet we could obtain and use in Pet Battles? Or even just Rare Quality ones.

    For joke purposes and for my example, we could have Garrosh drop Mini Garrosh! You can then use him in Pet Battles.

    I'm being total serious. I feel like this would be a good idea.

    What do you guys think?
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    I thought the Pet Battle system is supposed to be 100% independent of raids. Once you add raid drops, then anyone who enjoys pet battles is going to feel like they need to raid to get the pet they want. I don't think Blizz wants the system to work that way.

    I could be wrong tho...

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    I'd rather be able to obtain rare / legendary battle pets from actually defeating them in a battle. Like the Darkmoon Rabbit. Instead of a raid boss I would have preferred to engage him in a pet battle and if I won I got to capture him. To me that would have been more epic.

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    Pet Battles entire purpose, perhaps, is something to do besides raiding. Only giving legendary or epic pets to raiders would destroy that purpose. Maybe maybe if it dropped in LFR. Otherwise, I think it is a very bad idea.

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    Would rather have guild achivement or achievement add battle pets.

    So Garrosh - Guild Edition
    Malak's pup.

    FYI, Malak is Garrosh mount

    That would mean anyone who likes Battle pets can simply buy it of the vendor without ever having to raid. They would tho have to be in a guild that has killed garrosh.

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    Rather than it being tied to being a raider yourself or being in a raiding guild I would rather have really tough pet battles to win such pets. Maybe it'd pretty much require having 3 strong pet types, or at least 2/3 to be likely to win and rather than being up against 3 NPCs it'd just be one really tough one. It'd encourage clever timing of abilities to avoid hard hits and such.

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    Maybe not from a raid but as a rare "World Boss" or part of a long questline (like the AQ questline long but again without the raid items)

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