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  • I feel very forced to do all of them every single day.

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  • I feel a little bit pressured to do most of them.

    263 31.42%
  • I don't feel pressured at all.

    234 27.96%
  • I don't care about dailies. I'm not going to bother with them much.

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    Who feels forced to do their dailies?

    Just a general question.

    Do you people actually feel forced to do all of your possible dailies every day? Or are you just doing them whenever you feel like it?

    Ever since I've dinged L90 I've been doing all possible dailies to grind my rep, but lately I've been starting to just not care as much and just do them when I feel like it.
    I dont feel like I would have enough valor points anyway by the time I get all epics unlocked from the vendors to actually be able to buy the gear.

    So now I'm just doing my dailies for tillers, jade serpent and klaxxi every day instead of also doing all the eternal vale quests. I'm figuring I'm going to leave that for when I hit exalted with Klaxxi.

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    I actually feel forced to do them, However I am after items which come from each rep, Such as enchants, Mounts etc. I also hate seeing reps not at exalted

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    I don't feel forced cus of rep and rewards, but I'm trying for realm first pandaren ambassador, so that would be the only thing forcing me. it's not like I bother with dailies for my exalted reps anymore, vp cap is easy enough to get.

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    I only do dailies for the coins, at this point. I mean, it might be nice to buy a valor piece or two every now and then, but raid gear is going to replace it before long anyway. I'll probably end up saving my valor for 5.1, to spend it on improving items.

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    I don't do them.

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    The golden lotus bottleneck annoys the hell out of me personally, those dailies are swamped with people grinding them out, not just for the GL-stuff, but also people who just want the august celestials and shado-pan factions to finally open up...

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    I'm bimbling through the game currently, so not forced in the slightest. I'm working through some of them as I'm curious as to how they progress/want the rewards, but I'm not fussed at all if I miss any. I've not done any Klaxx, and only done 2 days of Golden Lotus. Enjoying pet battling and archaeology more myself.

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    you dont have to do them every single day since you will be bottleneck by valor cap anyways

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    Golden lotus at revered opens up the other factions, August Celestials and Shado pan dailies which giver valor gear at revered.

    Barring farming the rare spawn in Kun Lai for the Hozen Peace Pipe to make rep grinds easier, you are pretty much really only forced to do golden lotus if you want to get stuff from the other reps like mounts and vanity items.

    Plus there is an Onyx cloud serpent (the one Taran Zhu uses in the opening chain of jade forest) from a quest at exalted level with Shado pan.
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    Haven't been doing dailies at all, plan to eventually, but not yet.

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    So many people complain about feeling forced to do whatever the initial gear grind is for whatever expansion/patch, and most of them end up getting cock blocked at some point during a tier of raid content, or just burn out.

    What I have to ask is... why.

    I did the whole MUST GEAR UP ASAP thing and FORCED myself to do all this stuff in vanilla, BC, and Wrath. Ever since cata I've taken a whole new approach to WoW and MMOs in general. It's going to be there for me tomorrow, and the next day, why consume it? The whole race and competition feeling of getting the highest world ranking possible is all fake, so what's the point of consuming the content ASAP? Most people won't understand this, I know I didn't for the longest time, and many people will just tell me I don't understand, but I've been there, and I've done that.

    If you don't feel like doing dailies one day, don't do them. You'll thank yourself for it later.
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    The only reason I would feel pressured into doing dailies would be if I was in a PvE guild and they were expecting me to get optimal gear for raiding as quickly as possible. But, since I'm not, I don't feel like I am in a rush at all.

    I still haven't dinged 90, but once I have, I will probably start twitching about the pace of daily grinding as there is quite a bit of awesome stuff I want from different factions (Cloud Serpent, Shado-Pan Tiger), so I can see it becoming a ball-ache quite quickly.

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    I decided to opt out of Mists of Dailies. I just plant my farm, and maybe do a random heroic every now and again. No reason to support whichever design team went full retard with the rep stuff.

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    I've been skipping a day here and there to make sure I don't burn myself out on them. It's not so bad.
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    I do them whenever I feel like doing them.
    But I actually like doing dailies, so I do them all most of the time.

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    i... just cannot seem to stop doing them...heeeelp meeeee! i need the cap again!

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    I do them whenever I feel like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kuku2 View Post
    I only do dailies for the coins, at this point. I mean, it might be nice to buy a valor piece or two every now and then, but raid gear is going to replace it before long anyway. I'll probably end up saving my valor for 5.1, to spend it on improving items.
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    Yes, I do feel forced to do them all, and I hate it. I don't like that they took the most boring and tedious part of the game and made it the primary focus of things outside of raiding. Before it was running dungeons, now it's doing boring and repetitive daily quests. Neither were good ideas.

    What's strange, however, is I didn't mind this routine in other games. For some reason the WoW version feels tremendously boring and forced, yet when I was doing daily quests or grinding rep in let's say Rift, it didn't feel as boring, as contrived or as lame. I don't really know why.
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    Revered with golden lotus tomorrow, don't see why people are fussing over 2 weeks of questing.

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