View Poll Results: Do you feel forced to complete all your dailies every day?

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  • I feel very forced to do all of them every single day.

    287 34.29%
  • I feel a little bit pressured to do most of them.

    263 31.42%
  • I don't feel pressured at all.

    234 27.96%
  • I don't care about dailies. I'm not going to bother with them much.

    53 6.33%
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    Once I get a faction up to revered, I don't bother doing dailies with that faction anymore. Screw that "+1" mount at exalted.

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    You should not feel forced to do anything in a game, but I guess some people will always have that feeling. The moment Blizzard adds 10 options to get a reward, somebody will not see choice but being forced.

    Well...since I love dailies and quests, I doubt I will ever feel forced....oh yeah..and the game will be out at least another 12-15 just came out 2 weeks ago..what is the rush?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bajskorv View Post
    Nobody enjoys doing dailies. The ones claiming that are just trying to convince themselves.
    It's a bizarre idea I know, but hear me out: people who aren't you can have different opinions than yours.

    I hope I didn't just blow your mind.

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    I only do daylies from time to time... every second or third day... told my guild that i hate to do them... and if they think i'm not able to raid cause i'm missing one of those reverted-epics, they can kiss my ass ^^ they will be loosing one of their raidleaders, a good dps and tank... so nobody complains

    sure.. i will be getting those epics a little later... but i enjoy my playtime more than the others =) cause i do what i want to do

    edit: while not doing daylies i did what i love to do: kill mobs found hundrets of harmonies and 2 world random epics ^^
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    I feel like I'm forced to do them, but I still haven't started doing them. No interest at all. Only if Greater Charms of Good Luck are really worth getting.

    I didn't do many dailies in Cata either, tried Molten Front months after Firelands was out, but it was utterly boring. Like "questing to level up while not actually leveling up".

    Although, I might consider doing some of them when I have like 10.000 VP from raiding and no way to spend it..
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    Cbf going through the full thread but here is someone who hates dailies doing the math on their usefulness...

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    Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rochana View Post
    Just a general question.

    Do you people actually feel forced to do all of your possible dailies every day? Or are you just doing them whenever you feel like it?

    Ever since I've dinged L90 I've been doing all possible dailies to grind my rep, but lately I've been starting to just not care as much and just do them when I feel like it.
    I dont feel like I would have enough valor points anyway by the time I get all epics unlocked from the vendors to actually be able to buy the gear.

    So now I'm just doing my dailies for tillers, jade serpent and klaxxi every day instead of also doing all the eternal vale quests. I'm figuring I'm going to leave that for when I hit exalted with Klaxxi.
    First of all, what do you mean 'you people'? (Sorry, couldn't resist).

    To answer your question, yes I feel forced to do them, but I have felt that way to some degree pretty much every expansion. What makes this one worse in my eyes is the fact that I gain the same amount of rep by doing 15 Golden Lotus dailies as I used to gain by doing 5 dailies back in Cataclysm. Or an even better comparison, 3 Anglers dailies...

    The only way I maintain my sanity is by prioritizing dailies. I pretty much make sure to always complete my Tillers dailies, after that is Golden Lotus, followed by Klaxxi, and lowest priority are Anglers and Cloud Serpents. Between work and real life responsibilities, it is impossible for me to do all of them every day. Particularly on raid nights, where I barely have time to eat when I get home from work, let alone spend 2 hours doing dailies.

    Will it cause me to quit? No. Does it annoy the ever-loving piss out me? Absolutely. Not to mention that when I am playing, as one of only two tanks in my guild, I would much rather be spamming heroic dungeons with my guildies. "Nope, sorry guys, I got to do my dailies, ask again in an hour."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riekul View Post
    First of all, what do you mean 'you people'? (Sorry, couldn't resist).
    Black people and jews obviously.

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    I felt forced, and I don't like being forced to do something, so I stopped doing them.

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    This is a secret :o
    Well I'm after mounts at exalted and valor gear so I could say it feels forced and I force it on myself at the same time. Oh well, this may change soon though. We will see ^_^

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    I can always choose not to do them, I just do do them. Not forced at all, honestly.

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    I actually enjoy doing the dailies. I like that it'll take me some time and effort to get to exalted. Personally, I'd much rather take on a variety of daily quests than throw on a tabard and spam dungeons.

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    Just grinding dungeons is getting fairly boring already so I'm filling most all my time with getting profs done and dailies. Raids are up so that's taking time as well. After Lore from tankspot did that video about the ratio of rep to VP to time spent I kind of relaxed a little about it. I'd mentally figured out that it wasn't going to net me that much to complete all the dailies every day but once the actual math was done (which I was too lazy to do) it showed as "weeks" rather than "days" so now I chill. I leave a couple dailies out here and there.

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    I've been doing Cloud Serpent, Tillers, and Klaxxi. I started doing Golden Lotus, but not specifically dedicated to doing them.

    In the meantime, I select specific "this has gear I need" heroics and do a random afterwards while I'm doing dailies.

    I don't feel like anything's forcing me to do it. I prefer it over sitting on the AH or bank waiting for a queue to pop.

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    I feel forced but i dont do them.

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    I don't feel forced to do them at all. I never really liked dailies, and never really did any large amount of them during any expansion.

    Of course, my playstyle is that I only play content that I enjoy. /shrug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    I actually feel forced to do them, However I am after items which come from each rep, Such as enchants, Mounts etc. I also hate seeing reps not at exalted
    I've always felt forced to grind for this reason. All of my reps need to be 999/999 Exalted or I'm not happeh. Also, Elder Charms are nice, but you can do dailies 2 - 3 times a week and get them.

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    Considering the tie-in to professions and reputations, yes I feel some pressure. I need August Celestials and Shado-Pan for enchanting, and I need Golden Lotus for Tailoring (done with Lotus tomorrow! YAY!).

    Beyond that, though, I'm just doing to revered and calling it a day except for Tillers. Funny enough, the one daily group I feel the least pressure to do I'm enjoying doing the most. I didn't think the farm would be as fun as it is. I ended up being very surprised.
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    Origanally i did them all but i got fed up of the golden lotus rep, and just stuck to doing tillers and order of the cloud serpent, im enjoying the tillers but the cloud serpent just seems pointless to me....not going to do it again on another toon.

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    I don't feel forced or pressured at all.
    I do it of my own free will because I want to be on top, and help out the guild with Black Peppers.
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