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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    Same here, I'll probably sit on my trinket until the word gets out, I expect 40k will become a steal for a lot of people when they realize the trinket is good.

    Your quickest bet is to wait until the DMF is out of town and then list, prices always tend to go up when you can't actually turn the decks in. Some people will want it NOW and will have literally no choice than to pay what trinket holders offer.
    My realm faction sucks. It's a high pop realm with short queue times during peak hours.

    And yet there are no more than 3-4 of a card type on the AH. The 40,000g trinket is still up there and no one is buying it. No other trinkets are up. >.<

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    All servers are different, but Im no really going for the idea that some of he sellers are for 150-250k price range.
    I would go for the more common 50-80k price range.

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    They fixed it.
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    Reverso changeo!

    I sure hope you guys kept all those Ox decks you were QQing about in your bank :P

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