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    Cool [H] Promulgation - 10man - The Maelstrom - Recruiting for MoP -


    Promulgation was started by a group of close friends who enjoy raiding without drama and silly attitudes getting in the way. We play WoW to have a blast and get some bosses down. We enjoy ripping on each other and trolling everything that gets in our path. This is no guild for the faint-hearted.We are looking for dedicated and serious raiders willing to progress while having some fun. To be considered for a spot in the core raiding group, we will expect a near 100% attendance, knowledge of your class and ability to adapt quickly.


    We raid on a mostly fixed schedule. All raids are server time.Tueday:

    Tuesday 20.00 - 23.00
    Thursday: 20.00 - 23.00
    Sunday: 20.00 - 23.00


    We are using officer council to assign all loot. Everyone gets their turn and any kind of loot drama will not be tolerated.


    When you join the guild as a raider, you will be expected to be available for raids on the scheduled days. Apart from that just use common sense and treat others with respect. Joking is always fine, so feel free to join in on our shenanigans. If there is anything you need to let us know or ask, go ahead. Good communication between the members is what we strive for.

    Here is a list of the requirements for our recruits, which are of course in effect for every raiding member of the guild:

    1.| Being serious about raiding (we expect you to have prior raiding experience and understand what it involves).
    2.| You can give us long-term activity and high raid attendance.
    3.| Armory profile needs to show your knowledge and dedication to your class. This means you have a proper raiding spec, best enchants, gems and glyphs for your role.
    4.| You have professions which boost your character in a raiding environment and reputations needed for PvE purpose.
    5.| Constantly striving to improve your character. Working towards all obtainable upgrades to make our raids smoother.
    6.| Your computer and internet connection are stable enough to handle raiding.
    7.| You are not easily offended and can take criticism as well as jokes on your account.


    The officers are all experienced raiders, we will work hard at maintaining a roster of players dedicated to raiding, who prepare in advance and keep their characters in shape.


    As we are a new guild we are currently open to ALL exceptional applications – emphasis being on DPS (Melee and Ranged) and a Paladin or Priest Healer.

    For any information or questions please contact either Influence or Hazbukx in game.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Bump! Currently looking for a holy paladin and some dps.

    Whisper Influence on The Maelstrom or add my real ID tag Tashrawr#2364 for more info

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