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    No Clearcasts While Tree is Up!

    Anyone else having this issue? Maybe it's just my Power Auras (which I know is in a bad place right now with updates). It started around 5.0.4 for me. I get no procs when ToL is active (Lifebloom running on several targets). When ToL is over I usually get a proc right after. This pretty much makes ToL useless for me if I want to use it as a mana saving tool. Which is frustrating going into my first raid tonight.

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    It gives procs for me. There is an issue with your power auras.

    Also if you think that ToL is useless if it doesn't give clearcasting procs, you're doing something wrong as it is an amazing troughput CD.
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    [QUOTE=Aleks0410;18668029]This pretty much makes ToL useless for me if I want to use it as a mana saving tool.QUOTE]

    Thanks though, I'll have another look at my POWA.

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    Plenty of OoC procs during ToL here. - check your powerauras or some other addon/UI issue.

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    I'm getting plenty of CC procs in ToL as well.

    Perhaps you want to check the following:
    • Go to Interface from the game menu, then Combat, then check Show Spell Alerts.
    • Pop ToL and spam some lifeblooms.
    • Check if you get your CC procs

    If so, then check the PA strings.
    PowerAura string example:
    icon:Spell_Shadow_ManaBurn; buffname:Clearcasting; x:-196; owntex:true; combat:true; size:0.25; timer.h:1.3; timer.enabled:true; timer.y:15; timer.x:-206; timer.Transparent:true

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    Thanks all. Problem solved. I DO get CC procs, my POWA is broken. All my auras dissapear when I pop ToL. Which sucks big time. But I'll just have to wait for the POWA update I guess.

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    I had the same problems with Power Auras, used Weak Auras instead for the meantime

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    Just a note, power auras is barely working at all right now. It won't even launch for me, no matter where I update it from. I would strongly suggest switching to weak auras.

    That being said, there is a built in visual for CC, so you shouldn't even need an addon to track it.
    I mean, you should still get weakauras for anything else you want to track.
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    POWA works for everything else. At least for me. It's only when ToL is up that it isn't working. And I tried weak auras but didn't like it I don't like the in game aura for CC either. I guess I'm picky hehe

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