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    Imagine if this was an event for an old god boss in the next patch or something!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfbear View Post
    There were a shit load of people waiting for a Sha spawn last night on Stormreaver EU, when a GM launched everyone into the air and they died from fall damage :P
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    Lol, was reading this thread. Tabbed back in, all dead.

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    people are saying its a hacker. many servers reports a lvl 1 character doing weird shit(like flying and oneshotting friendly lvl 90s) right before it happends.
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    Happened twice on EU - Argent Dawn

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    Just happened in stormwind on my server too.

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    This just in. Everyone died.

    Anyone know why this happened? Something just instakilled everyone in Stormwind. Reports from our server says horde was instakilled in orgrimmar as well.

    Combat log only says "You Died."

    This is scary D:

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    Just happened in SW EU-Auchindoun aswell. Someone got fired?
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    It was a ninja.
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    It's happening on EU- Dun Modr too..

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    Happened 4 times on Tarren Mill - EU as well. Three times entire Orgrimmar got hit by thatever, last time only Vally of Strenght was.

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    EU- Boulderfist confirmed as well.
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    well that's nice

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    That's it, Im gonna hide in Exodar!

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    Is this only happening on EU servers?
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    you can see hackers on his stream. some lvl1 guys floating in the air and oneshotting everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansible View Post
    Is this only happening on EU servers?
    mostly on EU but there are several US realms reporting this aswell.
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    All over Tichondrius US - Stormwind is covered in skellies. I took some video that will be on Youtube in a little bit.

    Happened with 3 different level 1 chars, so they must be just doing trial accounts and making new ones as they're banned. Might continue till Blizz patches whatever exploit is being used.

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    It's probably just making up for the world event we were lacking, so we get something funny.

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