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    I was about to purchase a PVP 483 ring with the CP I earned this week. I was looking through all the gear seeing how big of upgrades they are for me. While I was looking at the Gloves, I noticed the same thing I've noticed season and season before, the cooldown reduction of Black Arrow and Traps by 2 seconds. Would this be a worthwhile investment? Not so much because the stats alone are an upgrade, but because of the equip bonus. How would it compare to the 478 and 489 gloves out there?
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    ooo i didn't realise it applied to BA too, that is really interesting.

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    You should also take a look at the PVP belt. If you have a 463 belt it should be better. With a rare/perfect gem in the socket you get an extra 30 agility and about 23 extra secondary stats.

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