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    Usually i just sit back and read these threads and i have never been tempted to make an account or contribute but today i feel a strongly compelled to well slap this OP right in the kisser to wake him up.

    First mate your Greek i don't really think you should be dishing out any kind of economic theories whether its in the real world or Azeroth.

    Secondly, i play on silvermoon EU one of the biggest and hardest servers to compete on, i have 18 scribes of my own, i have also boosted 7 friends to 600 i get their daily cooldown as a perk so im happy with that deal, to date i have made 42 decks i have over 100k ink of dream stored up so i reckon i know what im talking about here'

    If your gonna make just one scribe im sorry to tell you, you have missed the bubble one scribe will do sweet F - All for you at this point.

    I was going to write a nice little guide for you, but to really don't deserve it and i do want to see you fail for your brash attitude about how easy it is, it is not easy it takes immense time and effort to do it properly, it also takes an understanding of how your server economy works in relation to bubble booms, from your opening statements i see plainly that you do not understand how it works .

    You need patience, dedication and a belief in your knowledge in ow the system works, also you do need some balls for the gamble, just to let you know my balls are gigantic, i currently have 40+ trinkets and i wont sell a single one till after DMF leaves town and i can double up the gold potential.

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    Ox Cards can kiss my ass. They sell for 300g on my server.
    Humans are the only species on the planet smart enough to be this stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    Yes. I never saw a gem sell for 80k.
    I can swear I've seen the mounts for 60k gold, not with of the onyx version requiring all of them. 60k*4 + some good fee there aswell.. 250k++ gold. you said what?

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    so far I've made one tiger card and 5 ox cards, yah this is working out great! /sarcasm

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    The amount of misinformation hurts. Hurts hard.
    Regen#1804 need NA overwatch friends.

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    Only one of my alts is a scribe. I missed a few days of making Scrolls, so I think I only have made about 8 cards or so. Total profit so far is 34,000 gold and somewhere around 500 inks sitting in my bags. It was a lot of milling, and I bought all the herbs off the AH (Green Tea for 4g each and/or Fool's Cap for around 8g each), so each card was round-abouts 1k in herb out-lay. Serpant / Tiger/ Crane cards were all 5k-8k selling, and I have one Oxen that hasn't sold yet.

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    Yes I've made a ton of gold from inscription so far this expansion. But it took a LOT of work and a ton of gold investment in order to put the four decks together that I did. First off, I lvled up four scribes in preparation for the 1 day cd restriction. Secondly and most importantly I probably milled AT LEAST 100k worth of farmed herbs in order to get enough Starlight Ink for my four scribes. Luckily my main is an herbalist otherwise I definitely would not have been able to make as many cards as I did. Not to mention having to buy a couple cards from other scribes in order to actually complete the deck. Even with all that Decks are still not selling for crazy amounts. So far Ive sold one Crane for 70k so even after that sell Im still technically in the red. Cards take a huge investment of time and gold which is why they sell for rich prices as they should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by h44mm00 View Post
    after the first tier of raiding is over the darkmoon cards become completely useless
    Greatness and Volcano say hi.

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    I'm just going to insert this here cause I avent seen anyone else do it yet. The upfront money making potential of a inscriptionist at the beginning of each expansion has always been high, and while enchanting or JC makes far less upfront there overall income is more than an inscritionist towards the middle and end of every expansion. Once the Decks are easily outgeared they then become useless. and the other professions pull up in the polls. After decks are done and over with we are stuck with making glyphs no one needs anymore and now making shoulder enchants which will enable us to make a steady profit again.

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    I make a good chunk of gold off of the darkmoon cards, but I make much more from alchemy transmutes. Next tier the cards will lose value

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    I've made about 100k pure profit from inscrip so far

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    As a 450 scribe, i wouldn't bother with glyphs. I did pretty well in Cata/Wraith with glpyhs but at this point they are really optional, and too hard to make. I have every glyph available at my level and i am only selling 5 or so day. It's hardly even worth it, and i'm stuck with 100k in inventory just rotting. Blizzard really screwed the glyph market in Pandaland. Oh well, not like i need the dough. Somewhat disheartening though.

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    The oxen trinket got hotfixed tonight, adding 1434 stamina.

    I bought out everything on the AH for 90k, managed to make 3 decks and still left over with around 25 cards.

    It's a pretty big risk, but a gigantic payoff if it works out.(Talking 1 trinket + maybe 2-3 cards sales and from there on pure profit)

    I suggest you all check your AH for cheap Oxen trinkets/cards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    Inscription allows one to make an entire expansion's worth of cash in just two (2) months through the sale of cards/trinkets.

    One can make 160k in the space of thirty minutes without even using the Auction House. They do that just by spamming the trade channel offering the new epic trinkets for sale.

    The Inscription level 90 epic trinkets sell for 80k apiece.

    so you think scribes just get their ink from the good Fairy?
    or maybe they have to gather/buy herbs in sick amounts to mill to get mats for the ink?
    have you calculated what is the cost of that?

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    My biggest gold maker in MoP has been leatherworking BY FAR. I made sure to get the blue ilvl 450 pvp set patterns asap. For a long time I was able to sell these items for 20x the price of the mat cost, now it's only down to 3-10x, but it's still making me 40k gold a day.

    I find that it's actually quite tricky selling the DMC trinkets. I built one for about 35k total and managed to sell it for 140k an hour after DMF went live, but I still have 3 more trinkets to sell. In worst case scenario, I'm getting 250k gold out of these 4 trinkets total.

    I still run the glyph market in the background, and it's a very steady source of gold, just nowhere near as crazy as darkmoon cards or leatherworking. I wouldn't put all my eggs into one basket though. It's always bad to rely on something specific.

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    can't help but laugh at the ppl saying that darkmoon decks are gonna be replaced so soon, and it's only 476 ilvl to boot...

    man, you guys should l2maths.

    here, go look at this nice spreadsheet for warlocks trinket comparison, and you'll see that relic of yu'lon certainly doesn't qualify as easily replaced as you seem to think.

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    Just what's needed in the morning. Coffee. Cigarette. And a ton of QQ to read.
    If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    Looks like "you're doin' it wrong".

    My GM has made already around 380k gold from Inscription.
    maybe he sold 380 000 Glyphs Of Renew !

    TBH I made around 70k on the cards without putting much effort into it and got myself 3 cards for my trinket, however over the last week the prices of cards dropped around 25% I will probably wait another week and complete the deck.

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    Most profitable items traditionally are those:

    - requiring a daily CD
    - hidden behind an insidious rep grind

    So yeah, scribes have had the opportunity to do well. But enchanters will have little to complain about once they get their reps up.

    You don't have to be a scribe to make money off the cards. I've made a fair bit off of arbitrage. The ink trader update will really bring prices down. Good opportunity to build some decks, turn them in, and sit on the trinks until DMF leaves town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theprejudice View Post
    Yeah, it's called a Sha crystal. Does my inscription provide 10k per cd? Absolutely not.

    Oxen card? 500g max
    Multiple cards on the AH? 4-5k max
    Value in herbs bought and the starlight ink when measuring income.

    Perhaps instead of whining you should remove one of your professions and then learn the other one, since no one is forcing you to stay at enchanting.
    same on my server... if i buy the starlight inks needed for one card, it costs me arround 3.2k (wich is cheaper than buying the herbs), and the card itself sells for 4k more or less, that's if you actually sell it, cause there are so many people selling cards atm that you'll be lucky if someone buys yours...

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