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    [A] Union 10man EU Outland 8/8 DS HC Recruiting for MoP

    Union is currently recruiting:

    Frost Deathknight
    Shadow Priest
    Holy Paladin
    Elemental/Resto Shaman
    Possibly a Monk healer

    About Us

    Union is an old school raiding guild, founded March 2005. We've had a great track record as a top end 25 man guild for over 5 years. Over that time we've had some great rankings and server first's. Cataclysm approached and it was time to continue and strive for greatness but in the challenging 10 man format of the game. Our aim is to enjoy raiding whilst clearing Cataclysm content as fast as possible - maintaining a world top 50 rank. We play on EU Outland server.

    Cataclysm Progression:

    12/12 Normal BwD/TotFW/BoT
    13/13 Heroic BwD/TotFW/BoT
    7/7 Normal Firelands
    7/7 Heroic Firelands
    8/8 Normal Dragon Soul
    8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul (World 48 Yor'sahj and World 97 Zon'ozz. Also includes Spine pre-nerf and Madness 5%)

    Current Achievements:

    I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am (31/08/11)
    Realm 1st Ragnaros heroic - World 67, EU 33, EU English 15 (13/09/11)
    Realm 1st Glory of the Firelands Raider (14/09/11)

    We run a tight roster of players - if you can't be reliable, you're replaced - we carry no-one. We expect players to maintain a 90% raid attendance. We don't tolerate players who are solely interested in loot. We don't tolerate drama queens either. We raid Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon/Tues (19:00-23:00 server time)


    • You need to have good past raiding experience
    • Your gear should atleast be ilvl405 +
    • You need access to Ventrilo, a working mic and the ability to communicate well in English.
    • You need to be highly active.
    • You should be prepared to raid extra whilst trying new content.
    • You will need to have good knowledge of your class. Your talents, glyphs, professions, gear choice and gemming should be of optimal performance for your character whilst raiding
    • Dedication in obtaining non-raid upgrades (badge items, heroic instances, trade skills, etc.).
    • The ability to play any spec of your class optimally. At times you will need to play a different spec for a specific encounter
    • Specific encounters may require your class to be on standby
    • Willingness to level/play an alt character optimally for raiding purposes. This is an integral part of raiding as some class stacking could be needed and it's important to understand how other classes can be effective for different encounters. Every raider should have atleast 1 alt.

    We're not looking for someone who just raids and then logs off until the next raid. We're really keen on people who either enjoy doing achievements, playing on alts or pvping.

    Our Website

    Guild website:

    Private applications should be pm'd to Matikus on our forums.


    :: Union ::
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    Bump for an exceptional Mage and Warlock.

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    Bump Bump Bump

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    Bump for Mage / Warlock / Elemental Shaman (resto os)

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    Bump for ranged deeps!

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    Bumpage for MoP s1ckness

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    Bumpage Bumpage Bumpage

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    3 spots open for MoP
    Looking for highly skilled players!

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    Still on the lookout for MoP raiders.

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    Looking for an exceptional Hunter, Druid and Shaman to hardcore it up in MoP.

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    Hunter / Shaman / Druid

    May also have room for a lock.

    Take your shot

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    Still looking for the above classes.

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    Get your application in for MoP

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    REcruiting for MoP:

    Ele Shaman (Resto offspec)
    Resto Druid (Balance offspec)

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    Ele Shaman (Resto offspec)
    Resto Druid (Balance offspec)

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    Get your apps in for MoP raiding

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    Ele Shaman (Resto offspec)
    Resto Druid (Balance offspec)

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    Mage and Hunter are open.

    Get your apps in.

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    Ele/Resto Shaman

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