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    Moonkin enchant question

    Does anyone know if the Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step (140 mastery & minor movement speed) feet enchant stacks with the druid passive Feline Swiftness (15% movement speed)? If yes, would it be better then the 175 haste enchant? Thanks.

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    It does stack, use it.

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    imo use haste right now to help hit the 5.2k breakpoint without starving yourself for crit

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    Honestly, if you're PvE-ing, I'd probably get 2 sets of boots - one with haste for stationary fights, one with movement speed for heavily mobile fights.

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    I'd say if you can get your haste breakpoint without haste on boots, use Pandaren's Step, otherwise you may consider the haste chant if it puts you over the top.

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