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    Recording with Fraps! Problems!

    Hello guys! I've recently started to wanna record some footage from wow!

    Im running a pretty decent system

    Intel Core i5 2.80 GHz
    4.00 GB Ram.
    Nvidia GTX Geforce 560 Ti.
    Im running 1 screen(s).
    I am playing on C: and recording to D:

    I wanna record fraps at 1280x720 and I've put wow to it. Now, I usually play on ultra, but when I fraps at low quality I get super laggs. Anyone got a simple solution, I dont feel like I should lag?

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    Are you recording to the same drive that your game runs to? If so: that's your problem and you'll need a second drive.

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    Nope, Im not. Although I tried setting my WoW to windowed mode, and it cut the lags down a bit. Still got some spikes.

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    You say you're playing from C: and recording to D: but if they're on the same physical device that's still playing on the same drive.It isn't clear in your original post so you may want to clarify that you have to physical drives for future posters who will almost certainly not read the thread.

    The most recent versions of Fraps have issues with the 64-bit client and reduced frame rates while recording, I've found better performance (though still not spectacular) playing with the 32-bit client.

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    Set it to 60 fps in fraps. Fraps limits your game fps to what it's recording.

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    No it doesn't, I play in 60 FPS whilst recording 30 FPS.

    Just untick the "lock FPS" button.
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