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    Various demo questions(stats, mana, etc)!

    I looked at the stickied guide for demo, and so far I've been going by it for gear, stats, etc, etc. But a question I had was in regards to mana and stats reforging.

    So from what I understand our stats priority is(after intl, hit, etc), haste > crit > mastery. So I've been doing that, however in 25m vaults I've been having I've been having horrible mana issues. And because of the extremely high mana cost of Soul Fire, I was wondering at what point should I not reforge into haste? I know that it has other obvious benefits, but how much is enough? After the first DS meta burst I usually have several stacks of Soul Fire but typically go oom very quickly after tossing a few out. Is it better to lifetap between casts or go until oom and just lifetap a few times?(assuming boss isn't doing some aoe or raid wide damage)


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    Using Lifetap several times in a row is asking for trouble, and a bad habit. You'll most likely have Soul leech or Siphon life glyph which means self healing, use that! And even if you don't it's easier to take advantage of any AoE/smart heals that go out to heal you up periodically than it is to in a few seconds drop health like that. I have an aura set up for when I hit 60 and 30 % mana left and time my lifetap in between them, usually as soon as I can after hitting 60%. Never mana trouble, never in a situation I'm low on health and can't lifetap and am out of mana.

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    Haste also increases your mana regen doesn't it? And lowers your life tap GCD, natch. So basically, haste just speeds up the entirety of your rotation.

    It is nuts how expensive soul fire is though.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    I think I'll steal your method, karma. That was really my biggest issue is not keep an eye on my mana closely enough. Then when bloodlust rolls around I'm sitting at like 50k mana.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Magpai View Post
    Haste also increases your mana regen doesn't it?
    Only for Destro.

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