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    Quote Originally Posted by kabshiel View Post
    I'd love to see her playing the Old Gods and the Burning Legion against each other. Azshara is nobody's servant.
    And what leads you to think this? She essentially agreed to serve the old gods in order to save herself. And if much more powerful Neltharion lost his free will, there is nothing to indicate she has any.

    Anyway, we do not know if Azshara serves N´Zoth or some other, yet unnamed old god, Knaak only states that she was contacted by multiple voices, so that old god might very well be an enemy of N´Zoth and therefore he did not want Deathwing to succeed.
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    Don't see what's wrong with fighting alongside Nazi Germany
    Quote Originally Posted by JfmC View Post
    someone who disagrees with me is simply wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfist View Post

    Only one of them was killed because the Titans wanted to take them prisoners. Only one Titan was possibly killed because the Old Gods were unable to kill them.

    We don't know the exact forces on either side. The Old Gods also had their faceless armies and their elemental forces, and the Titans could have had constructs (though, as far as I know, these weren't mentioned). You can't say they were outnumbered.

    Also, I consider having all of your forces imprisoned a pretty utter defeat.

    Again, you can't say they 'used them' if it coincided with his own plans.

    My point is that they knew of each other. Again, which side thinks which could win is irrelevant.

    Once again, I must point out that we do not know how many Titans were involved, nor do we know how difficult the war was.

    Honestly, arguing they were hard to defeat is sort of silly considering the Titans could have just destroyed the planet.
    We could go on for who knows how long let us just say we agree to disagree.

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    Nomads do not have a permanent home.
    Except for this point, ever hear of tents for examples, nomads take their belongings with them, their homes and build them up in a different place.
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    I would expect her to make an appearance in the same expansion as the Emerald Dream/Nightmare. I don't think either of the two alone could serve as the basis for a whole expansion, but together they might work out very well.

    I would also prefer to see it as an introductory expansion before the second appearance of the Burning Legion, even making it so that the players, for once, fail and Azshara manages to summon Sargeras in one form or another into Azeroth. It would be the perfect chance to blend the two sets of content together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armourboy View Post
    When the Well of Eternity existed.
    I thought the original Well was still down there somewhere and Nazjatar was built on top of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpy View Post
    I thought the original Well was still down there somewhere and Nazjatar was built on top of it.
    That's a speculation, I think it's even from Brann Bronzebeards journals or something. The logic went like this - Well of Eternity collapsed - Maelstrom spawned - Maelstrom still going on - question = what's keeping it going? potential answer = Part of the Well of Eternity is still active down there. Brann supposedly went down there but couldn't go all the way because the pressure was too high.

    But that could all be retconned =P
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    I'm hoping we get to rescue Neptalon & he doesn't just stay captured.
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