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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamCast View Post
    25 man raiding is already hanging by a thread, if 10mans start getting world 1sts it will encourage more top guilds to drop down, they don't need to please 10man raiders because everything else outside of raiding is so much easier to organise when it comes to 10mans.
    Why would you assume that Blizzard cares about 25man raiding? It's their actions that have caused 25man raiding to lessen every expansion, they're the ones making it happen. Eventually it'll get to the point where it'll seem justly for them to stop 25man content all together, just like 40man content, and they'll just have to balance for 10man.
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    Vodka is currently in the lead but that isn't really relevant since Paragon will surpass them when things start to get nastier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papapwn View Post
    25 > 10.

    Always no matter even if the fight is tuned to favor 25 man. Why? Because finding 25 good players is so much harder than 10. And to communicate boss fights between 25 people is way harder. Thus it will always considered its superior.
    Are you really using the argument that it is harder to find 25 decent raiders...that is just stupid, and as someone else already said, in 25 man you get more buffs and battle resses etc. While yes, it is a bit easier to coordinate a 10 man raid, I dont see why you cant compare 10 and 25 man raids to each other since they both have their up and down sides, this is of course my own opinion but yeah, dont see a problem why you cant compare 10 to 25 man raids when you are talking about world first, gj DarthThrall

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    Premonition have disbanded

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    A better expansion.
    lololol Nihilum in the race.

    Also Premo is either a casual guild or 10man guild.


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    the euros have started

    1 Pulse (25 recruiting) Blackmoore 1/16 (H) 750.00
    2 Envy (25 recruiting) Auchindoun 1/16 (H) 750.00
    3 DREAM Paragon (10) Lightning's Blade 1/16 (H) 750.00
    4 genuine (25 recruiting) Blackrock 1/16 (H) 750.00
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    1st Blood Legion, 2nd Stars, 3rd Vodka
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archdruid Dehydrate View Post
    1st Blood Legion, 2nd Stars, 3rd Vodka
    Stars isn't american guild if you're speculating US first kills.
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueRet

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    stars cant win anyway, because they dont have 12 legendaries to stack

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    In 25's Method or Stars. Blood Legion i dont know. They are good but not as good as Method or Stars. Anyways will be interesting to follow. We need a DvD like in Catas first Tier

    Paragon is gonna do the 10man with no real competition :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by maladicta View Post
    Why would rage flow? It would just confirm that 10 man is easier, like they've been pointing out all along.

    People are saying 10 mans don't count because it's impossible for the fights to be identically balanced for 10 and 25 man, and most of the big name guilds are still 25 man. That's why there are two races - 10 and 25 - and not just one.
    Or, it would actually only show that Paragon are better. What fights are being touted as harder on 25 man this tier by the way? I can imagine Feng might be.
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    The should be 2 tops, one for 10man and one for 25man tbh. Also its funny how the op puts Nihilum in the list.

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    10 man is apparently a bitch on HC, seems like 25 man raiding will have it easier in this raid, things might change next raids though.

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    5 day (and limited hours) raid guilds have no chance in a world first race, not even in upcoming tiers. Not sure why Immersion and Nihilum are in the list.

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    Paragon just killed second boss and shoots up the ranking

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    Paragon now 2/16 HC
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    A prediction, just for fun:

    1 Method
    2 Paragon
    3 Stars

    ...and another disappointment for US guilds.

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    Paragon went 10m they're not in the same race as any of the other guilds. I think method has the biggest chance to win but i'm kinda rooting for vodka.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cracked View Post
    Exodus are serial cheaters, so maybe we will hear of them too.
    Idd, the fight that sticks out for me is world first death's demise lol

    On topic, I doubt Blood Legion will get a world first, even though they get into the content before everyone else it tends to be EU guilds who get world first, I think it'll be STARS if i'm honest but wish them all best of luck

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    When I saw Method streaming the other day I was shocked by how many of their players didn't know the fights and were failing on basic things like the "dance" on Will of the Emperors. But they seemed to learn very fast over the weekend and had everything nailed by the end of the week. I think they'll do pretty well. Envy and For the Horde (didn't they disband?!) look like good bets too.

    The korea and taiwan realms look weak, like only 30 guilds 6/6, but maybe they just don't bother to update their progress on western sites so often? Is KIN RAIDERS even still going?

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