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    Paly tier 14 norm broken

    Paly tier 14 norm is not full teir 14 only head and shoulders look like tier 14 norm rest of the set is tier 13 blizz plz fix.
    I don't want to wear tier 13 look again raid finder and the heroic tier 14 look compleate just the norm tier 14 is unfinished.

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    ......and who do you expect to take any action on this, let alone care about it?

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    One but long word: transmogrification.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gahmuret View Post
    One but long word: transmogrification.
    Which of course won't really be of much help if you actually wanted to use 496 T14's appearance. Then again, by the time the entire set is available in raids I would hope Blizzard will have fixed it.

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