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    6 bonus rolls, 3 on sha, 3 in lfr, gold 5 times cept for once in lfr... felt like a waste to use tokens in LFR

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    Got the tank neck off Stone Guard, Arms/Fury legs off Sha, and a bag of gold off Sha last week.
    2/3 not bad.

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    Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold.

    .....I hate you RNG.
    Raining Pandarens because of the bouncy racial?
    Quote Originally Posted by rokatoro View Post
    Some Might say it was... (•_•).....( •_•)>⌐■-■....(⌐■_■) A heavy Rain.
    I'm so sorry ;_;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barky View Post
    Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold.

    .....I hate you RNG.
    same here :|
    ››yeah, here used to be a signature once. I've must lost it somewhere in the twisting nether... still waiting for the mail from the postmaster.

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    I think Ive been lucky with my coins. I got the H cloak off stone guard and after getting my legs off of Gara'jal I rolled and won the shield....score! I have used all but one and I think that its balanced pretty well Ive gotten gold a few times and gear a few times.

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    Used two this week and got luckyish. Legs dropped on sha, so I deiced to try for hands. Got Legs again... Then downed Stone Guard and got helm drop, though I'd try for back... got helm again..

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    6 tokens used, ring off Feng is all I have to show for it. Can't complain, I guess, but some guildies have won 2-3 bonus pieces already -_-

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    Last week I won the tier 496 gloves (resto) off Sha, did a bonus roll and won....tier 496 gloves (resto). I think I woulda rather gotten the gold...

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