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    shadow priest questions


    im averaging 34-40 in 5s, which is low in my opinion
    i lvl 461 equip should pull more

    is it an issue of haste? is hit cap and haste achievable?
    im reading some people mention on these forums to aim for 8k haste
    im at 4400

    really i just need clear stat weight for heroics level gearing - everything else i know how to do just fine

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    You need to enchant and gem your gear, while you have 461ilvl gear or your stats are worse than mine and I'm in 458ilvl

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    It does look odd, your haste and crit is alot lower than mine, I'm at around 22% haste and 13ish% crit, but my ilvl is lower than yours.

    Alot of your items are however master reforged to haste gear, which ofcourse gives you less haste than pure haste items.

    Only solution i see is going for pure haste items, which ofcourse requires some hc farming.

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    k - with a haste elixer im at 25% haste - and i have a set focus macro allowing me to use the darkmoon fair healy trink but i also have the one meant for dps if u guys think ..80% crit chance beats 800+ sp and int

    how does it look now?

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    You're overstretching to get to 8085 / 7584 haste breakpoint. You lose more DPS by going for haste and using a haste elixir to reach it than if you were to gem and flask for int. When your gear gets in to the 470s for ilvl and you can get to the breakpoint with *maybe* 2 or 3 haste gems, do it then. Until then, you're hurting yourself by trying to reach 24.97% haste.
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