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    So how do you guys deal with heroic leap?

    Title says it all for the most part.

    How do you guys deal with effectively using heroic leap in your dps rotations? Being 8-40 range and a select the spell and then click on the ground being very inconvenient way of using the ability.

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    I select the spell and then click on the ground.

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    Mostly for AoE trash, or if I'm far away from a boss, but then I usually just charge.
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    For some bosses, instead of being directly behind them, try to be on the right or left foot and then leap to the opposite foot. You don't lose any melee attacks or gcds from being out of range this way. If the boss has a huge hit box, you can leap out to the side and still melee them, so that works too. And obviously, if an AoE phase is coming up, you want to make sure heroic leap is up for that unless you need it for movement.

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    Yeah, I know to save it for AoE. My two biggest issues were using it and either having to jump out of range of a boss or run out of range first and jump back in, and how i dislike having to both hit the ability and select a perfect spot for it. Just trying to see if anyone had any better ways of dealing with it.

    Raid bosses are probably a bit easier to work with. I haven't gotten a chance to try, so basically I'm just working and practicing with heroic bosses, which are....small hit boxes...

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    I can't stand how if there is a fence in front of where you are trying to leap it says "invalid path" I mean aren't you "leaping" over it? But anyways, as a protection warrior whenever a boss is about to use a big dps spell I like to heroic leap away and just kind of kite him while I put up the +20% speed buff from enrage. As arms I like to use it to leap out then charge back. I think the extra rage generated by charge is more dps than the leap damage.

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    On boss encounters, this is the best way that I have found to deal with Heroic Leap. It works on bosses with smaller hit boxes (Heroic 5mans) as well, but it's a little trickier. Basically you're just lining yourself up in the far back edge of the boss and leaping to the adjacent far corner. This makes it so you don't have to leap forwards and risk parrying/dodging an attack on your way back behind the boss.

    This one is for trash/adds, it's pretty straight forward. Just leap either directly into the center or off to one side where you can hit the most adds.

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    Rustynip, pumping out quality posts... but yeah, it can be tricky sometimes. I use it mainly for aoe as well so far and I tend to pop an aoe attack while im mid air. So much that if I use it on single target I hit whirlwind by instinct... good thing I'm TG.

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