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    Post SI:7 Operative Nidal Shadowdance [BIO]

    Name: Nidal Shadowdance
    Age: 517
    Gender: Male
    Class: Rogue

    Languages: Darnassian, Common

    Faction: SI:7

    Personality: Quick and to the point, doesn't waste any time. He is patient, and doesn't charge out into the battlefield without a good plan. Out of combat, he usually is hanging around Old Town in Stormwind, either practicing strikes on the dummies, or chatting with fellow members. He can be very social, but when he fights, he doesn't want to mess around. He has no time. He focuses all his energy into one single attack, be it a large group, or one singular target, he will always charge some of the most powerful blows you've ever seen.

    Likes/Dislikes: Not many.

    Appearance: He wears a black hood, with a mouth-coverer, so you don't see most of his face. He has dim glowing eyes, so he has no chance of his bright eyes giving away his position. His black tunic's sleeves go up to his elbows, but that's it. He wears gloves, but they are thin, and don't offer much protection. His black leather pants go all the way to his shoeless feet. His two daggers are medium-sized, with red, glowing markings on them, he calls them the Blood Tigers.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Quick and Agile, he isn't the easiest target to strike. You need to figure out the best time to strike, a "Sweet Spot" if you will. His two main attacks are Wild Strikes where he can dodge better and stabs you in precise, timed places. To avoid this, and even get in a strike as a melee, just find out a pattern and strike him in the middle of it when you can, and he will most likely stop. His second attack is to ambush you from the shadows. He slides into the shadows, and will sneak up behind you, then backstab you. You think you'd just be able to run around and he won't be able to catch up, right? WRONG. He is not that easily decieved. He will seemingly almost always capture you, by either knocking you out, or backstabbing you. To avoid this, you must attack to the LEFT. Not the right, not in front of you, but to the LEFT. That is where he will go. But you have to have splitsecond reflexes, for once he does it, there will be a small window of time where you will get him. For Spellcasters, you must stay about 3 feet away from him, and constantly run away from him, for if he catches up with you, he will not let you run. If you can slow him somehow, that should be you #1 priority.

    History: Nidal Shadowdance was born in Ashenvale, Astranaar. His Mother was a stayathome wife, and his Father was a protector. At the young age of 13, his father was killed by Horde Mercenaries, and Nidal's Mother got on a Stormsaber, and was on the path to Lor'Danel, but, when they neared Lor'Danel, she was ambushed by Bears, and Nidal's Mother was ripped to shreds right in front of his face. Traumatized, he made a quick escape, and ended up in Lor'Danel. Exhausted, he passed out in front of a Sentinal, who took in Nidal, and waited for his awakening. When he awoke, the Sentinal asked who he was, and Nidal answered. Nidal was still shocked, and couldn't explain what happened to his parents when asked. He was sent to the Stormwind Orphanage shortly afterwards. He didn't fit in with the other kids there, and didn't want to. He was anti-social, and usually hid in a corner. When he reached the age of 110, he was allowed to leave the Orphanage, to get a life. Nidal didn't know what to do, but then found out about the SI:7. He trained as a Rogue, and when he reached the age of 324, he decided it was time to join the SI:7. He continued his life as a member, doing the best he could.

    Bonus Info:
    - This character is based off of my Rogue on Deathwing, Hiddin.
    | Main RP Character:
    Nidal Shadowdance |
    | While Forum RP'ing:
    Italics = What he's doing currently.
    Non-italics with Quotes = Talking
    Non-Italics without Quotes = Thinking |

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    You might want to take a good look at your strenghts/weaknesses paragraf. From a roleplaying standpoint that bit of your character really does not function. The strenght/weakness paragraf is not meant to come down to which side you'll have to attack/dodge/block. Its meant to give a general idea of what your characters strenghts and weaknesses are. Here are some questions that might help you figure that out.

    Is he easy to fool?
    Does he posess the same physical strenght as a warrior?
    Does he have any idea on how magic works, is he particularily weak against certain types?
    Does he have any targets that he doesn't like to get into combat with? ( Children, women, etc )

    Also your background story spans over 517 years where we hear almost nothing. What are his thoughts on his loss of immortality?.. The Burning Legion?.. The Scourge?.. Cataclysm?.. Pandaria..?
    There's a lot of things to flesh out, and these are just ideas you can use to get a better stepping stone.
    With love and hugs!
    ~ Saerwen.

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    Okay. So you really need to use this: Timeline

    And from now on I really need you to start reading about the lore you are trying to add characters into. Everything about your history is just so far off and not consistent with anything in lore, at all. Please stop writing Bios without having done any kind of reading. After all the previous help and advice from myself and several others, this is just getting insulting now.

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    What Nonfic said. There is no part of this character's history that actually works with timeline.

    -The Horde didn't exist on Azeroth that long ago.
    -Lor'Danel was founded after the destruction of Auberdine by the Shattering.
    -500 years ago, the Night Elves were definitely not at all allied with the Humans. They would not have sent him to Stormwind and the humans at Stormwind would probably not have taken him in as they were not allies yet.
    -What about the First War? The Second War, Third War? All the events of WoW, Vanilla to present?

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