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    Question No other players dots on target only my - how?


    I’m playing as wlock affl and I would like to see only my dots on target, not other players dots and spells like here i.imgur.com/V3IWu.jpg is there any option in interface so I can see only my dots? In my "Show All Enemy Debuffs" uncheck i.imgur.com/9lOGL.jpg
    I d’t want to use add-ons for this as solution, but if it’s not possible without add-on please give me a name of it.


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    That should be the option for it. Do you have any addons messing with it? Try check, save, uncheck, save and hit /reload.
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    It's been broken ever since they changed the way debuffs work in 5.0.

    Hopefully they fix it soon, because it's extremely irritating.

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    Chakra no, i'm not using any addons, i even turned off all adon and log in, was same problem.

    OneSent i was thinking same thing that is bug, hope blizz fix it

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