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    Need new power supply

    Hey guys I am looking for a new power supply. Mine works fine but it is super loud, even when it does not need to be(while just browsing etc.)
    Here are my specs
    Cpu: Intel I5-2500k(oc to 4.2)
    MB: ASrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
    Ram: G-skill 16gb 1600
    Graphics: AMD 2gb 6950(with unlocked shaders)
    Data: I got 2 hdd and 1 ssd

    I want a quiet power supply, which is modular. I preferably want a 750w, I know I would not be using all of it right now but I want to have the option to upgrade. I really want to spend 120$ but I can spend up to 140$ if it is a very good one.

    I am also looking for a good Surge Suppressors/Protector, so if anyone could recommend me one of those it could be nice.

    These are some I am thinking of getting http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16817139010
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    If you had posted about a week ago, I would have pointed you to the Seasonic X750 which was on sale for $110, full modular and 80+ gold. The X750 is basically the Corsair AX750 with a different label and stiffer cables. Its frequently on sale at $120 according to PC Partpicker.

    As for the HX750, I think a new edition rolled out called the HX750 v2 which looks different from the one shown on Newegg. They might actually be selling the new versions, but forgot to update the pictures. Corsair HX 750 v2

    No idea if the PC Power and Cooling one is good.

    I would recommend taking a look at the PC Part Picker price timelines for the power supplies you are interested in and waiting for it to go on sale. Since you mentioned noise, I would recommend Seasonic and any Seasonic derivative PSUs. Some Corsair units are Seasonic built and some are not, you'd have to check on review sites.

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