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    I'd like a script to recurse through my action bars, and then list every spell that I have in my spellbook (preferably class spells, no professions etc) that I don't have on my action bars yet.

    For example, if I'm on a rogue, and I don't have Feint on my action bars, it'll list feint.

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    Drycoded. Had to split it into two despite my best efforts (function names are just too long).
    /run local t,s d={}for i=1,(NUM_ACTIONBAR_PAGES*NUM_ACTIONBAR_BUTTONS)do t,_,_,s=GetActionInfo(i)if t=="spell"then d[s]=true end end
    /run local d,n,o,c,t,i=d for p=1,GetNumSpellTabs()do n,_,o,c=GetSpellTabInfo(p)print(("[%s]"):format(n))for x=(o+1),(o+c)do t,i=GetSpellBookItemInfo(x,"spell")if t=="SPELL"and not (IsPassiveSpell(i) or d[i])then print(GetSpellLink(i))end end end
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    Guess noone already wrote one, so I did. Seems to work. Too lazy to match via string names (glyphs modify IDs, as well as specs sharing the same spells)

    Haha damn, you posted this just as I finished writing it >.<

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