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    [H] Tichondrius <Old Guard> LF Raiders (10s, 2 nights)

    Four 10 man raids with a variety of goals and speeds - all groups are organized, well-led, and filled with good people.

    The following positions are open:
    > Hunter, Warlock/Shadow Priest: Tue/Thur 6-10
    > Resto Shaman: Wed/Thur 6:30-10

    Old Guard is a low-drama guild primarily made up of mature, reasonable players who are active (30-50 online players during peak times, 80+ level 90s). Non-raiders are welcome too. If you're interested, please app at ogtich.enjin.com. Feel free to contact me or Treebeard for more info.

    *times are server (Pacific) time
    [current as of 10/15, more info at ogtich.enjin.com]
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