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    Question about Rolling a rogue-PVP

    So after a while of not playing wow I decided to return to the game.
    My favourite class of all time was a rogue and probably the class that I enjoyed playing the most.
    But in the last week or so i noticed a lot of people complaining about Rogues been completely useless and that a Hunter's pet bursts more damage than
    So my question is it really like that and if so is there any news on a patch that might fix those issues?
    And is it worth coming back to play and rolling a rogue again?

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    I was out the game for a while and always wanted to a rogue so I leveled one. I will make some general statements than talk more specifically about rogues.

    If you are coming back for PVP dont bother. It never been anywhere close to this broken. Healers top the damage and healing charts with just a couple buttons and no skill. They are almost like GM mode especially a disc priest who been playing for more than a couple weeks and has a clue how to play his class. Trolling idiots and skill-less healers will say "Der learn to interrupt noob" but they know very well that most of the heals they use are instant - which by the way will heal them from about 20% close to full....again and again and again - while melting your face. And don't think they cant keep that up forever because mana is basically pointless - seriously they never run out i mean ever no matter what. This all means that if there is a healer imbalance of +2 the BG whill be dominated by the side with more healers and will likely turn into a graveyard camping fiesta.

    Balance ahs never been a hall mark of wow pvp but when a class has op damage or just op heals it def not good but when they have BOTH it completely screws up the system

    As for rogues right now. Sub isnt dominate anymore and probably the worse. Assas is teh best spec but it does more sustained typ damge kind of more a dot spec - i had fun with it though until you fight a healer or anyone with a healer healing them. We have lost our mobility advantage and many times are at a disadvantage, lost our burst, lost damage, and lost our survivbilty. As a side note most classes have gained in a couple if not all these areas making it relatively worse than looking at rogues alone.

    I know some troll is bound to say i rolled a rogure becuase of the way they were in Cata so i will just stop him in his tracks - No no and no I rolled it just before the patch hit. This means I could not have expected to get the quest items for legendary daggers from heroic dragon soul - which are the main reason rogues were op...not only but main reason.

    I rolled a rogue mainly because Blizz said they were happy with the state of rogues and werent going to do much with them and becuase i alwasy wanted to play one. That statement made me think there the safest class to level before and expansion. The irony of that doesnt allude me so feel free to laugh at that
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    since blizzard have made in the same tier preparation+shadowstep and you have to choose beatween those 2 rogues became very weak atm so i wouldnt roll rogue at all,any other class will perform better.
    Now if you like stealth class meele i would choose Feral cat spec over a rogue.

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    This is quite disappointing reading this. as one of the only class that I can actually enjoy and not change after a week or two are rogues. Been playing them in total for at least 6 month before leaving wow. I Always like playing wow and that was because of the PvP aspects of the game.
    I did have a lvl 80 Druid but didn't enjoy it so much. The only other class that I kind of enjoyed a long time ago were frost mages, but then I saw that they can just cast a frost bolt and damage about 180k and 1-2 Shot people A thing that doesnt require so much skill..

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    you havent seen warriors/bm hunters then if you think frost mages are op

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    if you want to play a rogue, play a rogue.

    they are probably a bit weak right now (basically they lost their insane utility/control/damage combo, and actually have to sacrifice one of them to get the others), but they are still in a reasonable place with a good setup.

    RMP will always work with good players.
    RLS will always work with good players.

    Right now, Rogue/BM is almost guaranteed top tier 2s team (I know most don't care about 2s)
    Rogue/BM/Healer is definitely capable of 2.2k

    Also likely rogues will see a small buff, and BM hunters and warriors will receive heavy sweeping nerfs most likely.

    Also - healing is dumb in arena now
    Most games in 3s (LSDv2) as a moonkin I do about 2-3 million healing, where our resto shaman does about 6 million.
    If you can't kill a healer in 1 stun, (BM hunter/warrior) you got no hope of killing a competent healer 1v1 or even 3v1.

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