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    LFR requires communication? How the hell will that work out? Everyone needs to be in vent? Because typing in the middle of a raid is not gonna work.

    Player 1: Hey, stop standing in the fire!

    Player 1: Whoops.. fire appeared below my feet while I was typing and killed me

    Think it's time to stick to normal raids :P You just can't expect coordination from the average donald in a pug. Rarely do they even understand what basic features in the game means.

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    ...Yeah first 2 weeks or so I'm not going in without at least 15 guildies with me.
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    100% supreme total wipesfest unleszs u que with 15 dedicated players before u que up.
    Why? there is always 5 bot's 5afk/follow 5people are plain retard's 5people use gear not ment for their class.
    and 5 players are good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    This is not good, and I expect it to be seriously nerfed. The worst time I ever had with the group finder was in t11 heroics, where basically two wipes per group were guaranteed in a pug.

    If wiping becomes part of the routine, Blizzard will have finally succeeded to keep me out of LFR, even on my alts.
    Yeah imagine dying in a group, everything should just bend over when you walk in amirite?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    The only problem is that in this situation, a handful of inexperienced players unwilling to listen can completely hamper a group of players who otherwise know what they're doing or are willing to learn. Hell, even a fully geared raider popping in to help his buddy can't make up for one knuckledragger who blows up half the raid. even more so if said knuckledragger isn't willing to learn, and especially if there are more people in the group like him (which there are likely to be.)

    And really, it's not just the knuckledraggers. I actually believe there are more players out there willing to learn and succeed than there are drooling idiot players who couldn't be assed to do anything other than hit their buttons. But even the player willing to learn, or who has read up on the fight, is not going to really get a feel for it until they've actually done it. In that first attempt, however, they could very well contribute to blowing the fight, causing all the rile and unrest the average knuckledragger while having the best intentions in mind. The time it takes them to learn the fight is substantially lengthened, and perhaps discouraging, by other knuckledraggers, and even by other eager players who might not know exactly what is what yet.
    "a handful of inexperienced players unwilling to listen" can do like my extremely casual GF guild do. Gets 5-6 guildies/friends together and pugs the remaining for a normal 10 men. Yes its harder than the LFR but quite honestly it will probably be easier (and less stressfull) than running a LFR with kunckleheads.

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    Didn't they hotfix nerf Yor'sahj shortly after DS LFR release? If there's something actually capable of wiping the raid, I expect it will end in the same way. Damage will be gutted, chaining will be removed, there won't be as many debuffs and so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tryana View Post
    Yeah imagine dying in a group, everything should just bend over when you walk in amirite?
    In a PUG, things should die smoothly to a group of 4-5 mediocre players.

    One bad dps should not be able to completely waste 4 other people's time like what was happening in t11.

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    Simply put: I quit 3 weeks after DS LFR launch, and guess what, came back the week before mop and people were still wiping on the same shit, and queing in all blues and greens saying IM JUST HERE FOR LOOT MAN, WHERE ELSE WOULD I GET LOOT?

    This will be a massive failure and will be nerfed within the week.

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    C'mon, we all know this will be nerfed faster than you can say "CC".
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    If the number of players complaining about it being easy is large enough and loud enough to warrant being addressed, exactly how would you propose to address those complaints and not make it harder?
    It's... somewhat confusing. People said things like "LFR is faceroll" "LFR is way too watered down" "Looking for Retard" and all of that, in that Looking for Raid was able to be done with players that were AFK, not very well geared, etc. Yet people weren't too quick to jump and say "This group of 25 randomly assembled people should be faced with more challenging content." And while I do agree that LFR was easy, I also believe that that level of difficulty was more or less warranted by its format.

    Now, perhaps Blizzard effectively "knows something we don't." Perhaps it was a case of players basically "conforming to mediocrity" because nothing more was required. LFR was only in testing mode during 4.3, perhaps Blizzard has compared release content from previous expansions and cobbled together something that will turn out alright. Like I said, this all has yet to be seen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    In a PUG, things should die smoothly to a group of 4-5 mediocre players.

    One bad dps should not be able to completely waste 4 other people's time like what was happening in t11.
    Taking the time to explain things to people works too, you dont have to charge the second you enter you know.
    And you will clear raidfinder with a group of mediocre people, maybe just not with 20 baddies in there, but they probaly don't have the itemlevel yet anyway.
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    It wont be too difficult. If not enough pugs fail to clear the raids, they will be made easier. How much is enough is something only Blizzard knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manswtor View Post
    During it's inception LFR was regarded as a "bland experience which trivializes the raiding experience".
    TBH, I don't much care about this statement. If somebody wants an untrivilized raiding experience, go play in a guild and do heroic modes eventually. If you cannot commit to a guild and their raiding schedule and still want to see bosses and loot, you either try and form groups or create your own guild that adheres to your very own raiding schedule.

    If that is too much, you can still find raids that suit you in openraid sites.

    If this is all too much for somebody - then I am sorry but you better suffer through the trivilized raid experience of LFraid, beause the last think that I want is NO raid experience because at the end of the day, there will be no communication, there will be clueless people and there will be wipes and people dropping out.

    This is why LRaid gear has the lowest stats and the "raidfinder" branding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manswtor View Post
    What you guys think?
    That this stuff you quoted is only PR and everything remains the same. Just think of Spine or Hagara in LFR, those were already great wipe candidates due to no communication. And you want to increase the gaps on all ends?

    Just think of your bg-experiences, there's always only one thing to do (carry a flag, defend a position) and people can't do that properly after several years of playing. Why would they bother with several mechanics per boss? They just want some competition on the damage meters and the chance on shiny epics once a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seweryn View Post
    but the cata dungeons were easy even pre nerf
    If you actually think that's how things worked out, I pity you.
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    I don't think it will be as hard as people say it was on beta. Given the fact that a lot of dailies and questing was made easier too on live compared to beta.

    Also Blizzard wants people to be able to do LFR and won't make it very hard. If there are people that want to go beyond LFRand use LFR to gear up for it, they will actually encourage that. So LFR will be quite easy and people will have some basic understanding and decent gear to go to the next evel if they want.... same as gearing up for heroic is done in normal....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    If you actually think that's how things worked out, I pity you.

    They were easy, they just weren't easy with braindead players.

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    Hopefully most of the idiots won't have the required ilvl the first week. But with 5 mans being very easy, it's not exactly hard to get ilvl 463.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    If you actually think that's how things worked out, I pity you.
    With guildies they were easy.

    In pugs they were a nightmare.

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    DS LFR wasn't that easy the first time either

    As soon as people get gear and have done the fight a few times it'll be as hard as one expect LFR to be.
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    I'm fine with harder, provided they raise the number of kicks so groups can get rid of all the under-performers. Otherwise a run will never be completed.

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