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  • Restoration Shaman

    4 22.22%
  • Restoration Druid

    7 38.89%
  • Holy Paladin

    7 38.89%
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    3 healers, 1 main

    In MoP i decided to lvl my shaman first to 90, now's the druid's turn, and then follows the paladin.
    I plan to play every one of those three will play as a healer in pvp at 90. Unless things change of course.

    I hate and love some things about each class, I know their weaknesses and strengths pretty well.
    But I have no actual 90 experience with neither my druid nor paladin and my shaman's is limited.

    What I want to know is which one out of those three do you think is in a better place than the others.
    And by this I do not mean which is the most strong/overpowered.
    I mean which one out of those three has the ability to play decent well at a bigger variety of comps in arena.
    So, which one is the "most viable"?
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    Im liking shaman but in the right comp each will do very good. bgs I find I heal more with my druid.

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    Shamans most sick in arena atm I think

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