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    Best thing about Cata? It's over.

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    BC: can't think of anything, lol
    Wotlk: dks (cause I liked the style and played one), found an awesome guild (disbanded in cata, unfortunately).
    Cata: nope, nothing to speak of

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    BC: Flying Mounts, the raids.
    WotLK: Ulduar, Heroic modes.
    Cata: Raid Finder (only the time I was kicked out of raid group ), Transmog.
    MoP: If I would try the expansion, I would probably love Challenge Modes.

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    BC - Raids
    Wrath - Lich King
    Cata - Trans
    Mop - Don't play with panda's

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    BC: Outland
    WoTlk: lore
    Cata: BWD and transmog
    MoP: not entierly sure yet but atm it's world activity

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    • Burning Crusade: Outland.
    • Wrath of the Lich King: Northrend.
    • Cataclysm: Transmogrifying.
    • Mist of Pandaria: Rage re-work.

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    BC: New Races (Space Goats!)
    WotLK: ICC
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: Pet Battles (So addictive!)

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    BC - everything
    Wrath - some things
    Cata - nothing
    MoP - undecided

    I'm starting to see a pattern here....

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    TBC: Flying mounts.
    WotLK: LFD
    Cata: LFR
    MoP: The amount of new content after a very try spell.

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    BC - First expansion "OMGness" / Warglaives
    WotLK - Achievements
    Cata - Transmog
    MoP - Fresh New Lore / Pet Battles

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    Pet Battles

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    BC: Flying mount
    Wrath : Accessibility of content (easy HC's 10/25 non share lockouts)
    Cata : there was something good about it ?
    MoP : too early
    How did he die ?

    His death was caused by pneumonia induced by daggers to the chest.Repeatedly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
    TBC: Flying (second best thing would be daily quests)
    WotLK: LFD queueing
    Cata: Reforging
    MoP: Errything, I guess specifically I really like the Tillers and the cooking masteries.

    Achievements were introduced before WotLK and are also a 'wow feature'.
    Achievements were introduced with the pre-patch before WotLK's release actually. They were added to the game for WotLK even if they were made live a little earlier. The new talent trees you are using now were live before Panda actually came out but you wouldn't call them a "cata feature" now would you?
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    BC: 25mans, down from 40.
    WotK: Heroic Raids/LFG
    Cata: 1-60/Transmogrification

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    BC: 40 man raids gone
    WotlK: Lore and LFG
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: Scenery

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    BC: Heroic dungeons
    WoTLK: Ulduar (and the whole storyline of the expansion)
    Cata: Transmog
    MoP: So far? Scenery and questing.
    I need to play more MoP - not enough time for all the games I want to play at the moment >.<
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    BC: Karazhan
    WotLK: Story
    Cata: er...uhm.. ok! yeah! Transmogging!
    MoP: Questing <3

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    BC: Everything, except arena
    WOTLK: Hard to say; LK had a bunch of good things, as well as a shitload of bad things, so its not that easy to pick my favourite. I think i'll pick the most heavy change in gameplay - vehicles.
    Cata: Vash'ir. Was pretty nice imo.
    MoP: So far? Everything I have seen, except the way too easy dungeons.

    Quote Originally Posted by Romeo300 View Post
    Best thing about Cata? It's over.
    I agree
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    - BC: Flying mounts - Good looking gear (releates for Cata), heroic difficulty and raid progression
    - Woltk: Uldaur - DK/P/W legendary ( visual effects)
    - Cata: Transmog
    - MoP: Account wide achievements / Mounts

    Pretty much copied and pasted a dudes one, and added some on to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romeo300 View Post
    Best thing about Cata? It's over.
    Not helpful to the forum, gtfo this thread and this site infact

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    TBC: Introducing the concept of heroic dungeons and raids (even if it wasn't used for raids at the time)
    WotLK: Achievements
    Cataclysm: Transmogrification
    MoP: Monks

    There's many more awesome things in each expansion (Draenei, awesome raids in TBC; Death Knights, hard/heroic mode raids, LFD in WotLK; Reforging, Worgen, LFR in Cata; fucking everything in MoP), but you asked for 1 thing for each expansion, so hey.

    Bonus: things I wish were never implemented in each expansion:

    TBC: Flying mounts
    WotLK: Trial of the Grand Crusader and Tier 9 in general
    Cata: Dragon Soul
    MoP: Nothing. I love it all, so much

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